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30th Aug 2013 from TwitLonger

Writing Contest Entry from Lemonus!
#Oversoul @Nulgath

Name: Lime the Observer of Humanity

Element: Neutral

Alignment: Neutral +0

Rank: Legendary

Young-looking, has black curly hair, wears a black long-sleeved(up to elbow-length) shirt, blue pants and white shoes.

Sleepy-like eyes. Stands straight with arms held straight down. 170cm tall.

3x 500 Attack
3x 500 Shield
1x Neutralize
1x Iron Hide
1x Power Strike
2x Counter Strike
1x Renew/Incinerate/Earthquake/Electric Arc/Ice Wall/Poison/Might
1x Water Rapid/Burn/Petrify/Charged/Snow Orb/Mark of Death/Penance

Lime randomly starts with 12 Water/Fire/Earth/Energy/Ice/Shadow/Light Energy and the last two cards will appear

according to the chosen Element.
Note:^Disregard Elemental randomness if cannot be implemented yet and replace the last two cards with 1x Death Flow and 1x Shield


Walking - Floats forward
1 hit - Holds his chin(like when thinking) then the enemy gets damaged
2 hit - ^Twice
3 hit - Takes a step backward and then a large, quick pulse attacks the enemy
5 hit - Floats a little, puts his hand on his forehead then suddenly, 10 gray
spikes will rapidly rise from the enemy's position in the ground dealing damage.
Shielding - A large, black rune circle that shakes will appear when Lime is attacked.
Victory - Stands idly for a while, glows and disappears in a flash.
Defeat - Flinches a bit then extends his hand towards the enemy(will not die)

Enemy Dialogue - "You're... different. Interesting."
Player Dialogue - "Your plans to hinder the OverSoul stops here."
Victory Dialogue - "... I see. How disappointing."
Defeat Dialogue - "Perhaps you are the one I've been looking for. Let me aid you, OverSoul."


Ever since the beginning of time, when the Creator has just finished crafting the world of his desires, the Creator also made 12 beings of creation. They were mechanisms, cogs that the world needed to run on. Emotionless and obedient.

Each entity had a role in keeping the world in check. Lime was one of them, his role is the observation of the whole of creation, telling his Master of any major flaws or imperfections in them. He's found nothing but a few back then, but now is an entirely different story, when humans gained free will.

The world was full of greed, hatred, grief and evil. Lime continued to report everything he deemed flawed but all of the Creator's solutions spawned another set of "problems" for the humans. They continued to do this until the Creator left the humans to their own, taking action just when the humans needed Him the most.

But as his master stopped, the Observer continued. All the time he spent observing creation made him take an interest to one specific race. The humans. Amidst all of the flaws he had seen, he saw one more thing glimmer in the middle of corruption. Hope for humanity. He has seen countless of people who are trying to make a difference, most of them cast aside. He had realized the one power he had no control of. The power of choice.

Through the course of time, he doubted his existence. He drifted away from his brothers and left to anguish in the human world. He had developed emotions and thought. He has taken up a human appearance to blend in with the world. Lime searched for a person to realize his power to make the right choices, utilize it, change the world and drive it away from the state of madness it is currently in. Centuries have passed, finding only one human capable of doing so.

Lime has accompanied one human in his childhood, entertaining and driving him to make the right decision. It didn't go as he wished it would have, and the now fully grown man made a decision to change world's concept. Lime doubted this concept but promised the man that if he finds evidence that the one concept the man dreamed of was the only way, Lime would help the man fulfill his dream. Lime thanked the man for the time he has spent with him, and left smiling.

Until now, Lime is still searching for a new "Hopeful One". Not much time has passed since he left the man he had hopes for. Lime continues to ponder, desire and anguish as he looks for the one man that can change everything.

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