I guess you can say this a story entry I made for the #Oversoul Character Contest. Enjoy the read.

Name: Mia
Element: Light
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: Master.

• Dark brown long hair, Blue eyes
• White Dress with a pinkish-white frill design that goes around the sleeves, neck, waist and bottom of dress skirt. Also has matching hairbow as well as 3 other bows placed slightly above her elbows and one in the center of her chest. A silver cross choker is around her neck.
• Small White heels for shoes.
• Shamshir with a White handle with a gold trim. The blade is made of hardned steel

Cards: (Subject to change)
• 500 attack card – x3
• 300 attack card – x2
• 100 attack card – x2
• 300 defense card – x3
• Blessed Strike x1
• Penace x1
• Heal – x2
• Might – x1

• Player controlled:Hello there, stranger. I won't try and hurt you too bad.
• Enemy: My mother is always watching me. I can't lose with her guidance by my side.
• Victory: Thank you, Mother...

• 1 attack: A simple stab
• 2 attack: Slash left and right
• 3 attack: A kick to the shin and slashes with sword.
• 5 attack: The center jewel in her cross choker glows and her mother's spirit attacks with her.

"As the sun was rising, the light glared across Mia's window onto her face as she layed inside her bed. She looked up onto the wall to the clock. 1PM. She hated herself for waking up late in the afternoon as she wanted to do things, but never found the time to do it.
With a simple gown, she headed dwnstairs to her Father calling her.

"Mia, can you run down to the store today to grab some things from the market, dear?
"Of course, Father" She said with a smile. She never liked doing favors for anyone, but she loved her Father terribly so.
"When I come back, can I have more of my weapons training?"
"Of course you can" He smiled down on her. With that, she happily skipped to her room.

As she went to her room to change to go into town, she couldn't help but smirk. The townspeople never liked her dress options as they considered it "Too much for a 12 year old" but she never cared.

With her dress on, she twirled in her room, looking into a mirror. Her long, brown hair swaying gently around with her. Her blue eyes shined with a smile as she saw her reflection. A bright white dress with a pinkish white frill design that seemed to cover around the neck, the waist, bottom of the sleeves and skirt. With it, she wore her hairbow as well as 3 other bows. 1 Bow that sat slightly on top of each of her elbows and one in the middle of her chest.
But still she felt as if she wasn't ready. She needed something else.
She headed for her dresser and pulled out a red velvet box. Opening it, she picked up the silver cross choker which her mother had left her before she passed away.
"Mom is always with me when I wear this. I can just feel it, she said to herself, smiling.

A few hours later with her return, the sun was setting across the sky and gave the world around an orange view. As she made her way into the garden, she saw her weapons trainer waiting for her.
"Good evening, Miss Mia. Which weapon would you like to choose for today?" He asked
"Can I use the Shamshir again today please?" she said with a smile that glared across her face. She loved using her Shamshir as it was her favorite weapon for an unknown reason. She liked the rapier too, but it "Wasn't as fun as the Shamshir" she would always say.
With a smile and a nod, the weapons trainer gave her the weapon she wanted to use and began their instructions.

"Now Miss, begin by going into confrontation formation. Then with a few breaths, slow your breathing and focus. When you feel ready, begin your attack."
Lilith started to focus. Her sapphire blue eyes glowed with the setting orange sky and the wind with a slight breeze flew around her and her dress. She let out a battle cry as she swung her first attack onto the combat dummy before her.
"Aaaaah!" she yelled, cutting the combat dummy in two on her first swing. The trainer looked impressed at someone such a young age.

"Miss, where did you learn to control such strength?" He asked curiously. He never has seen someone so young be so strong. "It wasn't all me" she asked while holding onto her choker. My mother is always with me. Always protecting me.
Even when I don't know it. She's there beside me."

Looking down onto her, the weapon trainer smiled.
"She always is, it seems. She always is."

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