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Mon Dez (Forum name)

Name: Rayzu Dezgardo (Lord of the Void)

Element: Shadow

Alignment: Neutral +0

Rank: Legendary

• Same body build as Necrosis, but taller. (Tall as Dread Fiend)
• Wears a black leather mask, right eye is a monocle with red lens, has two zippers running across the face: one running along where the mouth would be and one running down vertical down in the middle of his face. A black gaping hole in the left eye, but it shapes into an evil glare.
• Wears a black leathery trench coat which is tattered at the ends of the hem and the end of the arm area. Wears black gloves.
• Black shoes with a dark silver cross that designs the toe area.
• The scythe design is a black colored scheme scythe, the blade’s length his more than half the length of Rayzu, and thorns design the whole length handle of the scythe. The blade has the same cross design that has the one end lengthen to the same length of the blade.

• 500 attack card – x4
• 300 attack card – x2
• 300 defense card – x3
• Empower – x2
• Mark of Death – x1
• Void Reflection – x1
• Neutralize – x1
• Iron Hide – x2
• Energize – x1
• Super Charge – x1

Attack Sets:
• Player Quote: I am the Void Lord, Rayzu. I have come to judge thee.
• Enemy Quote: Hmph… humans… fiends… all of you are beneath me.
• Idle Stance: Both arms crossed in front of his chest. His scythe levitates right next to him.
• Guard Stance: A magic sigil acts as the shield.
• Combo 1: Levitates scythe in the air and throws it at the enemy.
• Combo 2: Nods his head and an eruption of dark energy erupts from the ground.
• Combo 3: Nods his head and the scythe comes slamming down on the enemy, levitates back to slash, Rayzu walks and plunges his hand in the enemy opening a portal causing the final damage.
• Combo 5: Rayzu levitates in the air and says “You shall be judged!” Nods his head and orbs of dark energy appear right behind him. He next says “Suffer!” a barrage of orbs strike the enemy in a dire frenzy.


People long ago remember how the world was created… the stories of how the Creator created the first two humans and when his faithful servant rose up against him due to the corruption of pride. There is one story that hasn’t been told due to the unknowing knowledge of humankind. Long ago the Creator was indeed lonely in a world that was nothing, but darkness so he longed for a companion that would act as his opposite. That was when I was created… I ,Rayzu Dezgardo, who presided over the realm of the Void and who was the first creation of my brother who is the Creator of all realms and life. When the stars where born, I was there to make sure the darkness still existed and when the creation of humans came to be, I made sure that they were given the common knowledge to survive. It was when my brother’s faithful servant, Ruficul, the first angel who rebelled against him and rose an army to overtake the throne, but I was the one who defeated him and created the punishable abyss known as the Underworld. It was then throughout the span of the first created world that I commenced judgment and punished the humans for their misdeeds. It was then I wished to tear away from my brother for he was too kind and I had to do things that he himself would never do such as flooding the world when human corruption was at his peak, but he spared a few from my judgment.

I told my brother I wished to create a world of my own and that he must govern his own world for I was done judging humans in his place. I left the care of punishment to his archangel, Michael, as I left to another dimension to rule as I pleased. There in the vast empty realm I aptly named the Void for it was pure and desolated. In the realm I created a world to where it was pure and in order. In the Void I created cities of shadow and ruin as part of my inner kingdom and beyond the walls of despair I created borderlines of countless worlds of vast difference in growth, reality, and rules to create the order that I always dreamed. It was centuries later that I too wished for a companion, but not one of a brother for I needed a lover to accept my existence. I was then that I traveled to the second world that I created and there I met… her.

The second world’s reality was that there were two sides: The weapon and the weapon master. The weapons took the appearance of regular humans, but can be summoned as weapons and lend their power to the weapon master. There I met my wife, Macabre, who was unwieldable by anyone, but I was able to tame her fierce personality and wield her as my Scythe.

I would tell you what happened during the year that I met her, but it went like this: Go to school, beat everyone down, kill Student President, and etc. It wasn’t anything fancy plus with my power and hers, everyone was just complete trash. It wasn’t then I learned that Macabre was dying of an illness that even the healers that I created who were to heal anything and everything were unable to save her from death so I took liberties and encased her body in crystal. I was still able to summon and use her Scythe form, but in the end I wouldn’t have been able to hold her properly as a lover. I absolved from my depression and vowed to complete one thing that she wasn’t able to have which was to have a child.

I looked upon countless worlds to seek a child untouched by humans, but yet still knew the values of despair and that was when I met “him”. The child who was aptly named Montague aka Mon was created from humans and had no capacity of love nor hate. He was shifted in despair from the experiments that were wrought on him and made him the ideal successor to my realm. I took the advantage of the escape that the woman planned to leave the facility that Mon was captive in which seemed to look unsuccessful. When I got to that world, I transformed one of the guards into a specialized Void Soldier, a specialized soldier with no proper bone function and a being made immortal plus loyal. I made my escape with the boy and spared the woman in which I did not expect to see until a couple of centuries later, but that is a story for later.

The boy grew up quickly into a fine young man and took the job as my kingdom’s personal grim reaper. Later throughout the millennium I noticed my family started to grow larger when I gained three more sons, three daughter-in laws, and countless others that joined the Void Family. As happy as I was, I yearned for one thing that I know I would never be able to touch one more and that was my first love and wife who lies asleep in the crystal casing I kept her in. There will be a time when she will be awake, but until then I will await even if it takes an eternity.

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