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29th Aug 2013 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] CJES official notice regarding the Heren magazine incident

Hello, this is CJES Entertainment.

With regards to the Heren interview, EMK Musical Company has published their official stance.

In an interview with Robert Johanson featured in Heren, he mentions Kim Junsu's fans and revealed that there were some worries with Kim Junsu and Oak Joohyun's performances during Elizabeth's first round (T/N: last year). To that, we raised questions to EMK.

We raise two points.

Due to incorrect content that raises misunderstandings in the minds of Heren's readers and differs from the truth, we wanted Heren to publish a fixed, honest article with and objective point of view. However, the Heren's apology letter (that was published a little while ago) regarding the mistranslation does not match up 100% with what we are requesting. Therefore in the future, management will accurately explain the truth to all reporters related to Heren.

The other point is that we have sent an email to Director Johanson and corrected the false information. Our email did not contain a request for an apology to Kim Junsu's fans but rather about the following part in the interview: "Dissatisfaction and protest towards the casting." As the actor's management, not once did we receive an objection during the first round of Elizabeth (*Judging by the fact that there is no way that the management would have not known about this if this did happen at the time). We told Director Johanson what the truth was and requested that he recognize the fans and correct himself.

The management wishes to reiterate that since Kim Junsu made his musical debut in 2010, we have never received any 'requests' or 'protests' with regards to project selection or casting.

People who came to watch, starting from Mozart in 2010 to Tears of Heaven and Elizabeth, who have a sense of affection towards the productions, were our beloved 'audience members.' People who gave the passionate actors/actresses and staff applauses without holding back, we do not believe that these people, our 'audience members', can be categorized as 'an actor's fans'.

Because of that, the purpose of this notice and apology is not to be sent to an actor or the actor's fans, but to let audience members who love Elizabeth know of the false information and we hope that it is straightened out.

Additionally, the build-up of astonishing ticket power and the introduction of Korean musicals to foreign countries has developed thanks to actor Kim Junsu's determination and passion. To repay the sincere applause that is shown to Kim Junsu in every performance, he will work even harder to create the best performance.

Our side initially decided to release stances with regards to each fact about answers to our questions. Please understand us for not being able to share EMK's announcement beforehand and releasing the management's stance separately.

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