Twitter log of Les Miles' press conference

BenLoveTSD: Les is here. And we're off.

RabalaisAdv: Les Miles at the podium, enthusiastic shouts from the locker room. It's game week, folks.

Tiger_Rag: Les, "The gameplan has been practiced, and we're in position to play. ... Looking forward to going to Dallas."

Tiger_Rag: Miles on his kickers, "There's a need to kick well, and I'm standing right beside them."

Tiger_Rag: Les on possibility of Devonte Fields playing, "We're going to block them where they're at. ... Plan does not change."

Tiger_Rag: Miles said Rashard Robinson is currently getting a sort of orientation. Too early to tell if there's going to be a redshirt.

LSUfball: Miles on Rashard Robinson being cleared: He’s well behind the curve. He has to get his feet on the ground academically and get adjusted.

Tiger_Rag: Miles on Seth Fruge, "He's a guy who fought like heck for special teams snaps. ... He is one of the leaders of our team."

Tiger_Rag: Fruge will serve as the holder on place kicks this season.

Tiger_Rag: Miles on preparing for two QBs, "Their play is very similar. Both guys can throw, both can run."

Tiger_Rag: Miles said Mettenberger "has a smile on his face and he's busting -- he's working hard."

Tiger_Rag: Miles said his team will probably be a little "saltier" on special teams, even though it's younger in other places.

Tiger_Rag: No update on Jeremy Hill since Monday.

RabalaisAdv: Miles: Cameron will call offensive plays from the booth.

Tiger_Rag: Quote of the day, perhaps? Miles on Dallas, "There's a lot of electricity in that air. They've got a big jumbotron."

RabalaisAdv: Miles: Having OL Coach Stud back on the field this season will help him communicate quicker. He was in booth calling plays last 2 yrs.#LSU

JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: In case of injury to offensive line "Vadal Alexander could go back to a tackle spot

Tiger_Rag: Miles said freshman Ethan Pocic has worked at positions other than center "off and on"

RabalaisAdv: MIles: I promise I will not watch a snap of another game. It's better for me to get the scores as they come in.

RabalaisAdv: Miles asked about Manziel: I guess that's great news. If it's the right move, I'm for it.

BenLoveTSD: Here's a wrap of Les Miles' Wednesday presser, including backup OL notes.

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