[Spoiler?][Trans] Bed scene between Dongshik and Hongmae (Excerpt from 'Sea Fog' play version)

Hongmae hugs Dongshik and pats him without a word. Dongshik is about to cry just like a child and starts to devour Hongmae. Hongmae absent-mindedly allows/accepts it.

HM: Here is already Hell. Hell.
DS: No. It is not. This is not Hell. How come this is Hell when you are here? No, it is not. (Buries his head in Hongmae's bosom) Ah, why does your scent smell so good? Why is your skin so soft? Hell? No. It is not.

Devouring each other, Dongshik and Hongmae cry their eyes out. The engine sound of the boat swallow it all. Then comes the dark.

Source: pic.twitter.com/HA49u948dp via @huyu1216

Translated by Sheena

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