[FANACCOUNT] A fan met Jaejoong at Bum's today.

She came to Bum's at 6pm and got to know that the 1st floor was closed. She looked through the window (?) and saw someone who seemed to be Jaejoong. Her friend said she would come. While waiting for her friend, she looked inside again and it was really Jaejoong!! But it seems that he was having some kind of meeting. So in order not to disturb them, the fan and her friend quietly went to the 2nd floor. Their seats allowed them to see the stairs and they could see Jaejoong who was in the 1st floor. At that moment, Jaejoong started to go upstairs. There were about 12 persons in the 2nd floor but it seemed that only them (the fan and her friend) are Korean. For some reason, they wanted him to know that they're Korean. So the friend shouted out "Hello" and the fan said "Hwaiting" to Jaejoong. He was wearing sunglasses. He didn't say anything, only waved his hand a little bit. The fan said he looked like CG XD. He looked really cool when he was talking, discussing. She didn't want to disturb but couldn't take her eyes of him, the way he focused on something was ㅜㅜㅜ.

Via @rabbitminky

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