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26th Aug 2013 from TwitLonger

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All I can say is this. It didn't really start with his blog, it started as I had made a comment about Ched Evans, a convicted rapist, who has lost two appeals applications.

Ben and I have had the exact same discussion before. I had followed him for a few weeks several months ago and because of his aggressive style of tweeting I stopped following.

The tweet that I received on Saturday morning was totally uninvited. And when it was obvious that the conversation was going around in circles I asked Ben to stop tweeting and leave me alone.

When he wouldn't stop Cath must have noticed and she, in her own unique style told him to leave me alone. Cue a twitter onslaught from him. He tweeted both me and Cath throughout Saturday. I had other things to do, a football match, and because I didn't have a signal on my phone couldn't answer his tweets. He started demanding I answer.

I told him, in total, 17 times to leave me alone and/or stop tweeting me. Cath told him to both stop tweeting me and her. Others told him to stop tweeting me. When I told him a particular tweet was aggressive and intimidating he retweeted that on my TL and I received other aggressive tweets from men.

His tweets continued until nearly 1am. And then I told him I'd told him to stop several times over the day and he called me deceitful and a liar, then in capitalised letters asked me to leave him alone, which I have and have blocked him. Even so he tweeted directly to me twice and retweeted 2 tweets from wildwalkerwoman to me.

At some point in Saturday evening someone tweeted Cath with the hashtag #murdererben. Cath did not tweet it. Ben, who was trolling people's TL's saw it and immediately told his followers that people had started a tag about him.

Then whoever was tweeting from @kazurihomes decided to tweet to Cath and accuse her of starting a hashtag #murderben and accused her of inciting peopke to kill Ben. I have screen capped the tweets btw.

There is a huge difference between someone tweeting #murderERben and #murderben, and even so Cath had tweeted neither, and in fact @kazurihomes were the only ones to tweet #murderben.

Then the blog came up. It was so full of inaccuracies that I had to respond. Farah replied to me saying I was ranting etc. I can say I was not, I detailed what had happened in a linear manner, from the first tweet onwards. I did reply to Farah's reply but that has not been approved for display.

I object to having Cath demonised for sticking up for me, when Ben was obviously spoiling for a fight. What bullied person repeatedly tweets someone after they have asked them 17 times to stop? What bullied person demands replies to tweets when I was unable to reply through no signal?

I don't understand why @kazurihomes needed to get involved as an organisation. I don't understand why they tweeted #murderben several times and accused Cath of starting it, when they were the only tweeters who ever used that tag. I don't understand the hate filled blog which basically just attacks Cath and doesn't get many of the facts of what happened correct, and won't engage in talks to correct the mistakes.

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