Zicontrol by Aphelia.

I'm not trying to promote this song at all, just translating the lyrics in case you guys wanted to know what it said. I personally think he was being quite harsh. pmsl ;;

First of all, I respect you. No, I did respect you.
But you know this beat right? Now I disrespect you.
I first got to know you as Block B's rapper.
Another idol, I didn't have much interest in you back then.

But there was so much attention towards you guys
that I listened to that song (Nalina) of yours. (He quoted the 용용죽겠지 part of Nalina.)
Honestly it was pretty good, and cool too.
Idol from underground, you weren't that bad.

But these days, you know, you're doing something wrong.
Please only do one: idol or hip hop.
When you perform fangirls come to the performance.
Honestly, you know too: those girls have no interest in hip hop.

It was just f-cking loud, their screams.
Of course, I was jealous of your fangirls.
But what about other fans who would die for hip hop?
Where did your respect for them go, really?

Remember All Force One? It was sold out in 5 minutes right?
Did you know people were scalping for tickets online?
Your name in the lineup
I honestly acknowledge that ticket power, daebak.

Of course, on the day of the performance there were female listeners everywhere.
How many of them would have the respect for the scene? (I'm guessing scene means hip hop)
How many people do you think couldn't attend the performance because of the fangirls?
Of course it isn't just you to take the blame.

So from now this goes to BBC bitches. (excuse you pmsl)
Yeah I understand that these days your oppas don't come out much on TV
so you need to attend their performances, I understand.
But this is overboard isn't it? Really.

I'm not dissing you for chasing around Zico.
But please, show some respect.
(I'm not quite sure what he means here, but I think he says something about how the same girls used to diss him before. He asks them to see what they used to say on their cellphones...?)

(Quoting BBCs) "Hey when does our Jiho-oppa come out?
All these people I don't know are performing ㅠㅠ"
Zico, you came out in the last 20 minutes and yeah, you did have the loudest cheers.

-- And here he kinda just talks about how the fans screamed so loud, as if they didn't wait 3 hours to see Zico. He continues to swear and mentions how he's worried that BBCs will hunt him down for him saying this, etc etc. He admits that it could be some sort of jealousy since he and Zico are the same age.

credit: @ietsfly

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