Twitter log from Les Miles' press conference

Pretty quiet. First link from Ben Love has more info than this log

BenLoveTSD: LSU coach Les Miles will meet with the media shortly after practice today. We'll have live coverage. (FREE)

LSUfball: Coach Miles is about to address the media after practice. Video will be available later on

JacquesDoucet: Les Miles has arrived.

JacquesDoucet: We're still not ready to play a game. I like us. Les Miles

LSUfball: Miles on LSU Res Life moveinday Thurs: I think our guys were happy with the experience. It is something we will definitely continue to do.

LSUfball: Coach Miles was asked about tight ends: I’m pleased with the development of DeSean Smith’s physicality. He's coming along.

JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: Blue has been really good in contact. We haven't noticed any difference. He's not shying away from contact. He's very much the same back he was last year before the injury.

RabalaisAdv: Miles on Williford: Still don't know, but he may end up having to focus on academics.

LSUfball: Miles on OG Josh Williford: "I don’t see him returning in the foreseeable future."

RabalaisAdv: Miles asked about TE Richard Dickson being banged up. Said he's improving and will travel to Dallas, but no more than that.

RabalaisAdv: Miles on Mettenberger: He's trying to give coaches what we see is needed. (Like) Faster tempo (at practice. He gets it.

JacquesDoucet: Les Miles praises Zach Mettenberger and his leadership. "I enjoy his approach."

RabalaisAdv: Miles on offense: My expectations are sound and solid, not lofty in any way. I think we're improved.

JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: "Great thing about Cam (Cameron) is he has great enthusiasm and it spills into his players."

RabalaisAdv: Ah, the latest chapter of the Miles saga: Was to play a role in a "Syfy" movie "Ghost Shark," but it didn't work out. Fantastic.

LSUfball: When asked about maybe being in a movie, Les Miles said: "When I shot my 1st commercial at ESPN, it took 28 takes to get it right!"

JacquesDoucet: LSU Football team message, posted inside meeting room.

JacquesDoucet: Les Miles explaining team message.