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Mon Dez (Forum name)

Name: Montague Dezgardo

Element: Light

Alignment: Neutral +10

Rank: Master

• Same body build as Necrosis, but taller.
• Short silver white hair
• Eyes closed with a smile
• Wears a light silver fedora hat
• Light silver trench coat that reaches to the bottom with a cross design splitting down the middle and underneath it is a white shirt and wears a light silver pair of pants with matching shoes. He wears silver gloves.
• A red tattoo in a shape of a long sharp carnivore tooth
• His weapon of choice is a scythe with rotating silver glyphs, holding the blade is the same cross design with one edge elongated to the size of the scythe’s blade.

• 500 attack card – x2
• 200 attack card - x3
• 300 defense card – x4
• Heal - x2
• Penance – x1
• Greater Heal – x2
• Neutralize – x1
• Iron Hide – x2

Attack Sets:
• Player Quote: I am Mon Dez, the Prince of the Void.
• Enemy Quote: Ehhhh? Do I have to fight you? Can’t we talk this out?
• Combo 1: Levitates scythe in the air and throws it at the enemy.
• Combo 2: Raises hand towards the enemy and a beam of light erupts from his hand.
• Combo 3: Levitates scythe and boomerangs it at the enemy with it hitting twice, dashes at the enemy and slashes for the third hit.
• Combo 5: Gleaming silver wings erupt; Mon Dez levitates in the air and a pillar of light shines down on the enemy. Silver stars appear all around and encloses upon the enemy. Mon Dez throws his scythe on the ground and stars exploded in a violent frenzy.


Scientist: This is the Takura Institution. Repeat. This is the Takura Institution. We have an emergency. (Gunshots) Something as emerged from the portal *crash* and it is killing everyone here.

(Someone in the background screams and fades out)

Scientist: I don’t know why these things are doing this, but they are- *crash*

Scientist: N-NO! Stay away from me! S-Stop, I’m warning you! (Gunshots fired several times) Why won’t you die! N-N-NO!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


???: We are the Void… We follow the Void Lord Rayzu… All hail the Void…
[End of Transmission]

Hello, my name is Sakaki Sarah and what you heard was the last transmission sent from the company I used to work for, the company that had a dark secret. Before I go into that let me tell you about myself. I grew up in a small neighborhood, had friends, and had a good education. Everything went well when I got a job with the Takura Institution which was the largest and most prominent research facility in Japan. I was assigned to help with projected “World”, a project that would delve and open new worlds and realms for humanity to explore and interact. When the portal was completed, it was a success, but that success soon became a nightmare. We were able to explore our first world, but that exploration brought something that permanently changed the course of history. The “Chimeras” virus cultivated in some of those that explored the first world and it mutated the researches into grotesque creatures altering their biological aspects. The virus infected others through blood and sometimes it would resurrect the victims it fed on to join their ranks.

Those then prompted the “M05” aka “Chimeras” Adaptation project, in which would create humans infected by the virus, but still have their senses intact. The head researcher of the project was a man named, Gerod Wolfenburg, who was assigned to the project by the JDF. Gerod had a plan to breed a child immune to the virus and that was what led to the creation of M05 or Mon for short. Mon was bred from a selected breed of those infected by the “Chimeras” virus and he was able to maintain the human image. Those that were infected by the virus obtained high healing rate to wounds and were unmatched in strength. When Mon was born, he was given the name Montague after one of the prominent families in Romeo and Juliet which of course was Gerod’s idea, but majority called him Mon for short. The child at first grew up like any normal child, but when he would get cut; his cuts would heal almost instantly. As any child would he once had a tantrum in which he broke and dented anything that got in his way and an employee who was nearby was terribly injured in which I was assigned to be his caretaker. I wasn’t good with children, but Mon grew exceptionally attached to me and many of my coworkers told me that he and I were like a mother and son.

It wasn’t long until he had to go under experiments to test every aspects of his ability. The first of the tests was to test his regeneration rate and there were nights that I could not forget the screams of pain and anguish that Mon experienced during the experiments. It wasn’t long after the first set of tests that the child became distant and afraid. Mon did not eat nor sleep for the days we watched him and many feared that we may lose the perfect subject.
I went to Gerod and demanded that the tests should stop, but he shrugged me away and told me that the child was nothing more than a test subject to stop the mutated population. Those words broke inside me and I made the resolve to escape and get Mon out of the facility. That night was when everything in the facility went to complete chaos. As I attempted to escape with Mon, Gerod and the security team caught me in the facility where the portal that started virus incident resided. The head researcher said he was to make an example out of me, but I would not let him to do as he pleased. As I struggled from the grips of security, Mon tried to help by pressing the button opening the portal once more. The portal shuddered and a wave of energy lashed out hitting everyone in the room. What came next was something much more than a mutated virus.

A figure emerged from the portal, at first glance he looked human, but he wore all black. The figure’s head was covered in a black leather mask with a red eyepiece on his right eye and his mouth was a zipper with another zipper coming down the middle of his head. Out from his mouth spoke the words: “I am Rayzu, the Lord of the Void.” Gerod questioned why the figure was here, but the figure ignored the head researcher. The figure extended his hand out to Mon as if he was beckoning the child to come to him. Gerod motioned the security team to open fire at the figure, but the rain of bullets that hit the figure disintegrated.

In a flash, Rayzu plunged his hand into one of the security guards as they quickly tried to reload. A silver liquid oozed out from the area that Rayzu penetrated and swallowed up the guard. In a quick moment the guard became a silver knight in a silver clad armor with a silver cross embedded on the middle of the nonexistent metallic face. The soldier faced his former comrades and attacked them by plunging its hand into its former coworkers. A heard a cry from Gerod as he took his own gun and emptied the clip into Rayzu, but failed to make the Void Lord flinch. Rayzu laughed as my former head ran away and then he turned to face me.
“I will not kill you nor turn you. You who nurtured and cared for my future protégée have my mercy.” stated Rayzu and with that he grabbed Mon who gave me one last look of sadness disappears from my sight. After that all was complete and utter destruction and chaos to the Institution as people fled for their life as the silver creatures turned each one into their ranks. I headed to the main security room and initiated a code to destroy the entire island to bury the secrets that it hid for I knew that no one would believe me.

Now here I sit giving my statement to the JDF of what transpired in the labs, but as unusual as it sounds there were two other survivors than myself because I was certain that I was the only one. As I took a look at the other two survivors I quickly realized that these two were the first to have turned into the silver soldiers and as I silently stared at them, their eyes flickered silver for a quick second revealing the emblem of who turned them: Rayzu the Lord of the Void.

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