JYJ: Hello~
JJ: We are NII exclusive models...
JJ: So what are we wearing right now?
YC: They must all know it.
JJ: You guys know it, right?
JJ: We're always saying that but just by wearing it...
YC: You can do nice things.
JJ: Yeah, you can do nice things.
YC: That's right. Lots of great things. They are great clothes.
JJ: Though you must know it very well, they are clothes whose one portion of the gains from the sale is donated to Good Neighbours.
YC: That's right. Heart T-shirt.
JJ: Yeah. If everyone could also wear it, you could make a good deed for people facing great hardships.
JS: This time, there's a 3D parrot sticking to the T-shirt.
JJ: And what if it wasn't sticking to it?
JS: It's a hologram image.
YC: Alright.
JJ: Alright.
JJ: Please, try to tal... Oh, the hologram is moving!
JS: "Hello"
JJ: Yes.
JS: Since it doesn't want to see us...
JJ: As you can see right now, just like I made a lot of gestures, there are also a lot of hard matters that are awaiting everyone's small helping hands.
JJ: So please everyone also participate a lot to the Heart Donation Campaign that makes your heart proud!
JS: Yeah.
JJ: So up until now...
JYJ: This was JYJ, thank you!

Source: http://youtu.be/ECqE4EtPQho

Translated by Sheena

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