[Trans] 130822 JYJ #박유천 Park YuChun Talk Concert Queen Nancy Lang

Guy: So far, you really had no scandals. You're really clean, right? Do you have by chance a celebrity you want to have a scandal with?
NL: If I say it, I could die for real.
[Girl still scared of the netizens]

MC1: There's nothing serious here.
MC2: Since we already talked about that.

NL: Would it be OK (to say it)?
MC2: Why?
MC1: What is his style?
MC2: Is he an idol group singer?
NL: Yes, he is.

NL: The celebrity whom I think as my ideal man is Park Yuchun.
[Park Yuchun!]
MC2: Ah~ Micky Yuchun, Park Yuchun.
MC1: He looks cool~
MC2: Even from men's point of view, he looks cool~

NL: When I saw him acting so well, his gaze was changing.
[Ever-changing gaze when acting]
And I think he has a very sexy brain.
[A man with a really sexy brain]

Guy: Then if you were dating with Park Yuchun, how far would the skinship go?
[If you were really dating Park Yuchun, how far would the skinship you want to have a scandal on go?
NL: AAAAH~ Really? AAAH~
[Young fangirl getting shy to the fullest only by hearing it]

NL: (To all Park Yuchun fans) Dear Park Yuchun fans, I'm sorry. This time, I wasn't the one asking such a question.

NL: Just like all of you, if Park Yuchun was my boyfriend, just like in "Rooftop Prince"
[Just like a scene from the drama "Rooftop Prince"]
I would like to stroll down the palace holding hands with him.
[Want to walk down the palace holding his hands]

MC2: You see, that's why you're getting hate. Not because of your character. You know it, right?

Source: http://youtu.be/gC53LR0eKIE

Translated by Sheena