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It's the 4th imagine! That means I've already been doing imagines for a month! I love your feedback and and I hope you guys are enjoying them. For this imagine, the facts are not all correct, but I know for sure he likes coke slushees and snow caps when watching movies. :P

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Enjoy this Thomas imagine from his point of view!!!

#Imagine Thomas POV:

Naturally I was at the movie theater again on a Saturday night. I’m standing in line for snacks with the rest of the band, and we’re just joking around talking about the movie. Well at least they are.

We usually see a movie together, but they wanted to see a different movie, so we’re just going to meet up after our movies. I’m just chilling, looking around the lobby, when I spot a really pretty girl behind the concessions counter.

The guys shut up and follow my gaze, smiling and winking at me. I laugh at them like I don’t care, so the rest of the boys kind of lose interests. She’s not even paying any attention to us so they start fanboying about the movie they’re seeing.

But not me; my eyes are fixed on her as she scoops popcorn into bags and works the cash register on the right. The line splits up into the 3 cashiers, and I’m counting the people in front of me while watching the other cashiers, hoping that my timing will be perfect. So far, if my calculations are correct, I'll be going to the right cashier; the one she's standing behind.

“Hey! Hey, Thomas.”

I turn around and see Connor standing there, poking me in the arm trying to get my attention.

“Are you okay, you’ve been staring straight ahead for a few minutes”

I blink a few times to break my focus and I try to play it cool by laughing it off.

“Yeah, I’m fine Connor. Just deciding what snacks I’m going to get.”

Connor looks at me like I’m crazy. “Dude, you get a coke slushee and snow caps every time! They’re your favorite movie snacks, I’m pretty sure you know what you’re getting.”

I laugh and nod, “Yeah, just gotta remind myself sometimes, you know?”

Connor looks at you quizzically, but brushes it off and starts telling us about a fan gift we got last night; iPhone cases with our faces and names on them. He hands each of them out so we can put them on right now.

I’m struggling to get mine on my phone, and when I almost get it on Riley bumps me forward and messes me up. I turn around and glare at him, but then realize it’s my turn. The middle and left cash registers are still being used, and the only open one is hers.

Connor messed me up when I was calculating so I never finished, but luckily my calculations were right.

I say a silent “yes!” and walk up to her.

“Hi, uhhh.. Can I get a coke slushee and-”

She stops me holding her hand up in front of her, “and snow caps?” almost sarcastically, like she was bored and joking around.

But I’m completely stunned; she couldn’t have heard me when I was talking with Connor when we were all in line.

I look at her skeptically, “How did you know my favorite movie snack?”

She looks at me with curious look on her face and a hopeful smile.

“Coke slushees and snow caps are my favorite movie snacks! Whenever I ask someone, they say they’ve never heard of anyone who liked both.”

I’m still stunned, and I just can’t believe it. I've never met anyone who likes them too.

“Wow, that’s really cool” I say, smiling at her and she returns it.

We’re just standing there grinning at each other, when she shakes her head and blushes.

“So... Um, a coke slushee and snow caps coming up.”

I watch her dispense the slushee, when I feel someone elbowing me. I turn to my left and see Braiden grinning and winking at me, looking back and forth between the girl and me.

I give him a playful shove and roll my eyes, and look at the rest of the guys still waiting in line as to say “Can you believe this guy?”.

But just my luck, they’re all doing the same. I’m mouthing and denying everything, but they continue. They're still making hearts with their hands, when she comes back with my order.

“That’ll be $8.34 and your slushee and snow caps, Thomas.”

I look at her with a raised eyebrow, and she laughs, pointing to the new iPhone case with my face and name on it.

I laugh at myself and smile at her, “Well thank you…”

I look at her name tag on her shirt, and it says "y/n"

“...y/n, for my slushee and snow caps. I will surely enjoy this when I watch The Conjuring"

Before I walk away, she stops me and smiles at me.

"Hey, are you seeing the 8:30 showing?”

When I nod, she laughs “No way! my shift ends in like 5 minutes and I’m seeing it at 8:30 too”

“You're kidding." I’m grinning so widely when I seal the deal on this unofficial first date. "Okay, well I’ll wait with my friends until you’re done, and I’ll meet you next to that poster in 5 minutes.”

I walk away from the concession stands to where Braiden, Connor, Chris, Riley and Toby all have the same stupid grin on their faces, and I can already feel their urge to tease me.

Braiden and Chris are already drawing hearts in the air when I get there. “Aww, Thomas found a girl he likes!” Riley and Toby say together basically screaming it so the whole theater can hear.I swear they were practicing this while I was talking to her.

Braiden and Chris continue drawing hearts in the air and Riley and Toby make a little song about me and y/n. When Riley and Toby start coming up with the second verse for “our song” Connor cuts them off and points to y/n standing under the movie poster.

“You’d better get over there, Romeo. Meet us here after the movie”

And while they send me air kisses, I send them a peace sign back and walk over to her.

“You’re friends aren’t coming with us?”

I shake my head and smile “Nope”

She smiles sweetly, and I automatically think I could get used to that perfect smile.

“Good, I might get scared so I need someone to hold my hand when I’m about to scream”.

You didn't even know that you could grin wider, but you're trying to contain your happiness. “Then I’m your go-to guy for scary movies”


I smile at her as we walk into the theater “Definitely. I think ‘perfect’ and ‘y/n’ are already synonymous”

Yay!! First imagine from the boy's perspective!!! How'd I do? Please give me me feedback! You can give feedback and also if you have any questions about the story or questions about imagines in general, just tweet, DM or "ask" me on

Hope you guys are excited for next week's Chris imagine!!! :D See you all later!!

-Amber :D

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