*Updated - It seems Heenim, JYJ JaeJoong & Yoochun & some unidentified Shinhwa member weren't in one place together, but were near each other in one area>< But it seems Heenim and Jaejoong were the ones together.

Oh wait, Yoochun's eating in some other shop that is near to where Jaechul & Shinhwa are at. Fan said Heechul seems fatter :P (Cr: 倩仔分开即是想念)

Jaejoong is changing venue to meet Hyunjoong now~ (Cr: Mjjyoon_)

When Jaejoong came out of the restaurant and saw the fans, he immediately said "aish" loudly. His expression screams "unhappy" because he saw the fans holding their handphones to take photos. Jaejoong and his friends were talking about the fans too.

Cr: rain_0805

All translated by: @TVXQkokoro

(This was a few hours ago)

48 mins ago "Queen Heechul you suddenly appeared and gave me a fright ok ㅠㅠ" (1/2) pic.twitter.com/Cec5X2dxG6

"Guess this group of yours is going to be at it till the morning" (2/2) pic.twitter.com/eitdzOL3ky

All translated by: @_dorfy

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