[Trans] 130821 JYJ NII Interview

JYJ: Hello, we are JYJ.
JJ: Nice to meet you.
YC: How have you been?
JJ: Have have you been?
JS: I've been well.
JJ: It's been such a long time.

JJ: We are greeting you in such a long time through this N-I-I poster shooting. When we wore the clothes we wore last autumn, we wore clothes with colours fitting the autumn season.
YC: That's right.
JJ: But this time, I think they are more colourful than any other time. So even the socks, shoes...
YC: Pants, too
JJ: Yes, pants too... We matched all the various colours.
YC: If you wear socks having (fashion) sense and if you fold up the pants, I think it's pretty.
JJ: I think it's a good idea.

JJ: How could the clothes fit (me) so well? It's so marvelous. Please, give N-I-I lots of love. I think you really should. Though they are already receiving a lot of love now.
YC: That's right.
JJ: Please, love me too.

JS: There are a lot of funny props on the NII shooting set and it incites us to have fun while shooting.
YC: I'm always saying that but more than any other shooting set, it's the one where we can shoot comfortably and enjoy shooting the most.
JS: That's right.
JJ: There's also this. There's also this. When we wear suits or subdued clothes, if we want to do cute stuffs, it's hard (to do it), right?
YC: Yes, it doesn't match.
JS: Yes, it's hard.
JJ: N-I-I clothes are...
YC: They're fresh.
JS: That's right.
JS: That's why I think my mind is back to "young age" when I wear their clothes. I think it shows openly on me, on us.
JS: We are enjoying shooting. Please, keep giving N-I-I lots of love.

JYJ: Please, love me and...
JS: I love... (T/N Actually, he wants to say "I love you, too" by saying "NII loves you too" because NII sounds exactly like "you" in Korean! XD)
JS: Did they conspire?
YC: We didn't.
JS: Let's do it together! Just like they were receiving a confession.
YC: Alright.

JYJ: Please love me and...
JS: I love...
JS: I said, let's do it!
YC: Please, say it with confidence!
JS: Let's neatly say "NII loves you too" (T/N also meaning "I love you, too") then it's over!
YC: Please, say it again.
JS: I'm saying, let's get this through with a Kyungsangdo feeling!
JJ: Then what about the fans from Kangwondo, Jejudo, Jeollado, Chungcheondo who are watching this video? What if they get all upset?
JS: Let's just process little by little.

JYJ: Please love me and...
JS: I'm not doing it!!

Source: http://youtu.be/GmDTO9cjedg

Translated by Sheena

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