#BPBPBT 8PM Thursday 22nd August
The idea of a blind beer tasting (and accompanying discussion) is that anyone can take part in via twitter.

This is the first time anyone will be tasting our latest beer (well truthfully, @shortbrews, @9beanrow and @thebeercellar had a sneaky sip) and it will be blind, with no indication in advance as to style, strength or influences. We think it is a great opportunity to throw off all preconceptions and talk about what we are tasting in the glass. Speaking of which, we recommend a snifter glass for tasting this beer, or a wine glass at a push.

You stay involved in the discussion by using hashtag #BPBPBT (No need to @ us each time, they are valuable tasting note characters!) We will start off at 8PM sharp.

Take the beer out of the fridge 10 minutes or so in advance. Pour the beer slowly into the glass. We will then kick off with a dialogue on all things visual: colour, appearance in the glass, viscosity. We will then take a big long sniff to assess aroma. There is no right or wrong here, we might all pick up on different aromas! Nothing is revealed at this stage.

Finally to taste! We will use every day flavour descriptors and again all tasting notes are valid! Tweeters might then make guesses as to the hops/malts used. Then we will then share thoughts on strength and theories about the country in which the beer was brewed. After exhausting all possible lines of discussion and guesses educated suppositions all will be revealed. People can participate as much or as little as they like in the discussion.

Any questions, tweet us @brownpaperbagp… and remember, keep the bottle upright!

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