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@BYEposse : This personal imagine is for you!! Sorry it took so long and that this imagine is longer than usual, but I couldn't stop writing :P Enjoy the imagine!!

#Imagine it’s your last week of school in 6th grade, and you and your best friend Toby are at your lockers after school.

“Hey Micah, wanna come over today? Ri and Con have band practice so we can listen to them.”

You close your locker and start walking with Toby towards his house. “Yeah sure, Mom’s not going to be home until later, so I’ll just call her and tell her.”

"Nah, I can just have my mom call your mom, since they’ll want to talk to each other later anyways.”

You laugh and agree because you know it’s true. Even though you and Toby go over to each other’s houses all the time, your moms still call each other and talk on the phone every day, since they’ve been best friends since the beginning.

“And that’s why we met, because they put us in the same preschool.” Toby laughs and agrees, and you can already hear his older brothers’ band in the McDonough’s garage before you see the house.

When you walk inside you hear Mrs. McDonough, “Micah, sweetie, your mom’s on the phone”

You grab the phone, and your mom sounds nervous, “Hi Micah…. Sooo.. How are you?” You’re hesitant, but say “Great mom, what up?”

The next thing you know your Mom’s telling you that your family’s moving to Vancouver for your parents job transfer. Mom and Mrs. McDonough can sense that you’re still in shock, so Mrs. McDonough and Toby offer to drive you home.

At first it’s quiet, but when you’re almost home Toby smiles at you “Micah, no matter what we’ll always be best friends. You know that right?”

Mrs. McDonough stops in front of your house and Toby walks you to the door.

Before you open the door you hug him and say “Forever and always”.

Inside you find Mom and Dad already packing, because apparently you’re leaving in 2 weeks.

*2 weeks later*

Ever since the announcement you and Toby have been with each other 24/7; you’re always sleeping over at his house and when you aren’t, he’s at yours. You’ve already set up Skype, changed your phone plans to call out of the country and made CDs of your mutual favorite songs.

But today’s the day, and even though you know you and Toby will keep in touch, it’s hard right before you go through security where the McDonough’s can’t go any farther. Before you has to go through security, both of your parents say their goodbyes.

Toby pulls you in a tight hug, because even though he knows you will still be friends he knows he won’t hug you for a long time. You hold on tight too, and feels something being placed on your head. You looks up to see a black hat on your head and releases the hug. As you take it off your head you see that it’s a black snapback that says “TM” on it in white, and in front of you Toby is wearing a matching one.

You look at Toby through her teary eyes a little confused.


“Yeah, TM, for Toby and Micah.”

You and Toby do your secret hand shake and pinky swear.

“Toby, you’re the best best friend ever”

“Keep in touch okay?” You nod and feel the hat slide over your face, and looking up you see it’s the same for Toby.

“We’ll see each other again and maybe it’ll be before our hats will fit” Toby laughs and hugs you one last time before security herds your family into the line. You wave, smile and look at Toby for as long as you can before he’s out of your eye sight.

You know that you’ll both stay in touch and that no matter how many miles away from each other you are; he’ll always be your best friend.

*3 years later*

It’s Tuesday night, and you’re sitting on your bed doing homework listening to the radio, when your phone dings with a message. You reach over to your phone and see a new text from Toby, so you push aside your homework and quickly respond because you haven’t “talked” more than a few lines in the past year. He always seems to be busy, which is weird because you’re both only 15.

*Toby: Hey micah :)

You: hey tobius, long time no talk

Toby: ya, miss you like crazy tho

You: same, I wear my TM hat all the time

Toby: Same, u have no idea how many of those I have now :)

You: why do u have so many?

Toby: I get them as gifts bc the girls think TM stands for my Toby McDonough. Not toby and micah… :P

You: ??

Toby: Which leads to what I wanted to tell you about. It’s really exciting news *

Before you can read Toby’s exciting news, the Radio announces Cody Simpson’s new tour, and you can’t wait till he comes to Vancouver.

“Cody Simpson just announced his Paradise Tour! His opening acts are Ryan Beatty from central California, and Before You Exit, the band of brothers Connor, Riley and Toby McDonough from Orlando, Florida. We’ll see all of them on the Paradise Touar, and we hope to see you guys out there.”

The radio station plays Wish U Were Here, and you’re literally freaking out. You’re thinking “How many Connor, Riley and Toby McDonoughs, that are all brothers, can live in Orlando. I must’ve heard wrong”

You look back down at your phone and see Toby’s recent message.

*Toby: you know how I told you me con ri and their friends formed a band? well this might b a little shock but we’ve already gone on tour a few times and now we’re going on tour with cody simpson

You: Yeah, I just heard it on the radio!!! Toby, how could you not tell me!

Toby: srry micah! We’ve just been so busy and then I lost my phone so I didn’t have your # mom just got it from your mom*

You don’t bother respond to Toby, you just hit Call and wait for him to pick up. Before he can even say hello, you say “Explain yourself”

3 hours and a ton of catching up, you and Toby have finally filled in the missing pieces.

“I just can’t believe we haven’t talked in so long that I didn’t even know you had a band that has gone on tours all across the country!”

“I know right, the last time we actually talked I wasn’t even in the band yet.”

You sit up when you hear a new email in your inbox, and when you open it there are at least 20 Toby selfies. Each one he was wearing his TM hat.

“I just sent you some pictures of me and the band while we’re on tour, so it’s just like you were there too”

You scroll through and send him some of your favorite memories in the last 3 years.

“Wow, being on tour sounds like a ton of fun”

Toby laughs, and then starts talking like a salesman.

“Well for today, and for today only, I’m offering you a backstage pass and a whole day to hang out with Before You Exit when they visit Vancouver!!”

You burst out laughing, because Toby’s so dorky, but you’re so excited that you can’t help but giggle and smile.

“And all you have to do is send Toby McDonough a selfie of you smiling because he misses seeing that smile!”

You hang up and send Toby a selfie wearing your TM hat.

*Toby: I love that smile so much I miss it! Gotta go for rehearsals, but moms figuring it out w/ ur mom now. See ya in a month You: miss you, see ya then :)*

*1 month later*

Today’s the day. You’re spending time with Toby and the rest of the McDonough’s for the first time in 3 years, and you’re so excited. You’re sitting in the passenger’s seat and your mom’s driving you to the venue where the boys will meet you to check out the venue and then start your day around Vancouver with them.

It’s about 7:30am, so everyone’s trying to get to work and it is starting to pile up and there are cars all around you, stationary. Soon you see what looks like a huge truck pull up right next to your side of the car.

As it comes closer to your car you realize it’s an RV but it has tinted windows, so even though you’re sticking your head out trying to look inside it, you can’t see a thing. The next thing you know, one of the small windows pop open and you see Connor, Riley and Toby’s faces pop out, screaming “MICAH!!!”

( )

You are so shocked. The first time you’ve seen them in years is on the freeway on the way to see them. You’re speechless and pull mom’s shoulder towards your window pointing at the boys with their heads out the window.

“Oh hello boys! Good to see you!”

You look at your mom in amazement “Mom! How can you be so calm! I can’t even breathe right now!” You turn back to Toby, who’s laughing his head off.

“Hey Micah! Come hang out with us on the bus!”

You quickly hug your mom and jump out of the car in a split second, and you stand outside the tour bus door waiting anxiously for it to open. After all, you’re waiting of outside a tour bus on the freeway.

“MICAH! I missed you!!!” Toby opens the door and pulls you into the tour bus where the rest of Before You Exit and the McDonough’s welcome you. You and Toby sit together wearing matching black TM hats, telling stories and hanging out with the McDonough’s just like you did on a regular basis 3 years ago.

Wow that was long wasn't it!! Sorry it took me foreverrrr to finish this imagine, but I hope it's worth it!! Thanks for always reading my imagines!!! ENJOY THIS IMAGINE!!!! :D <3

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