Twitter Log of Les Miles' post-scrimmage press conference

HunterPaniagua: Les will be taking the podium momentarily. Stand by for a deluge of tweets from the LSU media

Tiger_Rag: Les said his team is "closing in on 120 plays, offense and defense. Throw in another 30 special teams plays."

Tiger_Rag: Les said from the scrimmage that "It's very obvious we're a talented team ... but we're sloppy."

lukejohnson44: LSU had the exact same stats today as it did on Saturday. 250 passing, 200 rushing LesMilesStatMachine

LawBarreca_TDR: Miles: Rasco did participate. Miles expects him to start in the opener against TCU.

LawBarreca_TDR: Miles: Dural made a nice downfield catch in the endzone. LSU

Tiger_Rag: Miles mentions Kendell Beckwith and Duke Riley as players who made some "strong plays."

Tiger_Rag: Miles clarifies a little bit, said some of the sloppiness he's discussed each week has come in the form of "pre-snap penalties"

RabalaisAdv: Miles said scrimmage was mostly 1st string vs. 2nd string. LSU

LawBarreca_TDR: Miles: White played a lot.

RabalaisAdv: Miles: scrimmage was inside. Rainy weather kept LSU from punting. At PK, Delahoussaye looks like the PAT, FG kicker.

LawBarreca_TDR: Miles: 8-for-10 with place-kicking today. Delahoussaye looks like FG kicker. LSU

Tiger_Rag: Miles again saying that Hairston could come in for long field goals, but Delahoussaye should be the No. 1 guy at kicker.

HunterPaniagua: Alfred Blue led the run game today "He's looked good all camp," Miles said. He scored twice

LawBarreca_TDR: Miles: Blue (2), Dural, Landry, Beckham, Gordon all scored today. LSU

HunterPaniagua: On Rickey Jefferson: "We anticipated this thing would resolve itself. We gave him small, inconsequential discipline. It seems that it has."

Tiger_Rag: Anthony Jennings threw one of the TDs today, but Mettenberger had most of the snaps today.

HunterPaniagua: Miles said he doesn't expect TCU WR Brandon Carter's hand injury will be significant

Tiger_Rag: Miles hasn't thought about how many true freshmen he's going to take to Dallas with him. Said he should be able to take, "a good majority."

Tiger_Rag: Miles said "he'll take it right into game week to release the two-deep."

LawBarreca_TDR: Miles: "I'm probably more set on who is going to play than I am on who is going to start."

JimKleinpeter: LSU coach Les Miles: "Ethan Poicic can play guard, tackle and I think he can play tight end to be honest.

LawBarreca_TDR: Miles raves about Hawkins.

LawBarreca_TDR: Miles on Jalens: "They've been holding down their WRs."

GLaneyESPN: Miles pointed out Deion Jones as a notably improved player, along with Hawkins.

HunterPaniagua: Miles: "You could sell tickets" to 1-on-1 drills between the WRs and DBs

LawBarreca_TDR: Miles: "Jordan Allen..really just has come of age. He's a real strong, athletic man."

RabalaisAdv: Miles on Rivers and Bolden at QB: They're competing. The other two guys (Mettenberger, Jennings) are just a little bit better.

LawBarreca_TDR: Miles: "Our defensive line...I'm looking forward to seeing them play."

Tiger_Rag: Miles on targeting, "There's a right spirit there, and they're on the right way to officiate it."

LawBarreca_TDR: Sounding like D-line will be Rasco, Ego, Freak, Hunter/Allen. Miles constantly praises Hunter.

Tiger_Rag: Miles on Odell Beckham's quiet fall, "I can't imagine that he won't have a very meaningful contribution."

JimKleinpeter: LSU coach Les Miles:" Danielle Hunter made some plays again today that I just really enjoyed."

LawBarreca_TDR: Miles: Diarse is practicing. LSU

HunterPaniagua: That's it for Les. Get all the quick notes here for FREE

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