Spoiler? [Trans] Scene between Dongshik & Hongmae ('Sea Fog' Play version)

Note: The two characters are speaking in Jeollado saturi/dialect.

Dongshik: I... like you.
Hongmae: Oh my, when did you even see/meet me [for the last time]?
Dongshik: You don't dislike me too, right?
Hongmae: This kind of thing... I don't know.
Dongshik: Ah, I feel like I'm going to go crazy... Let me hug you once.
Hongmae: Pardon?
Dongshik: I said let me hug you.
Hongmae: I don't want to. (Dongshik hugged her) Ah, please let me go.
(Dongshik doesn't let her go and keeps hugging her, Hongmae gives up resisting)
Hongmae: My heart is beating.
Dongshik: (laughing) Your heart is beating, too!

(T/N So cheesy. XD I just translated for fun but keep in mind that the movie version can be totally different. ^^)

Source: JYJ DC Gallery http://t.co/6Dfj1ajnkS

Translated by Sheena

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