Stuff about THE BEAUTIFUL @TristanBates @CamdenFringe I received or spotted on social media:

- Huge congratulations to ProdigyThespian on a brief but breathtaking run of The Beautiful - an amazing production for CamdenFringe (from Tristan Bates Theatre)

- The Beautiful by ProdigyThespian at Tristan Bates, brilliant production, stunning physicality!

- Thoroughly enjoyed the visually stunning and evocative The Beautiful last night


- We thought it was STUNNING!

- Awesome!

- It was such a breathtaking experience! Deeply moving and flawless performance. So proud of you, Peter! I have no doubt that your talent will be acknowledged once again!

- It was dramatic and mesmerising!

- If you liked HOPE you'll love this - it's a great piece of theatre.

- The Beautiful was Mind blowing, everyone must see it.

- That was Beautiful Petar Miloshevski thank you.

- Saw The Beautiful last night and it has touched me so much! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

- Petar, that was a really stunning and brilliant performance. I found it very moving and very convincing… Still thinking about it. It was really quite something…

- Beautiful,Imaginative,Physical,Powerful,Different,Daring,Deep, Thought provoking,Unusual,Watch him when U can!

- INCREDIBLE! was the word on everyone's lips when leaving the theatre Amazing stuff! Thank you!

- 'The Beautiful' at The Tristan Bates is definitely not a recommendation of mine at CamdenFringe. The Tristan Bates Theatre does show some bewildering shows..

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