English translation of the Muslim Brotherhood piece (14 August) which incites followers to torch churches:

Freedom & Justice Party – Helwan
The Pope of the Church [Pope Tawadros II, Pope of the Coptic Church] shared in the ouster of the first elected Islamic president [Ex-president Morsi].
The Pope of the Church accused the Islamic Sharia of being backward, inflexible and regressive.
The Pope of the Church sponsors the Black Bloc to spread chaos, highway robbery, siege and storming of mosques.
The Pope of the Church asked the Copts to join the 30 June protests to bring down the Islamic president.
The Pope of the Church objected to the articles of Islamic identity [in the constitution] and withdrew from the constitutional committee.
The Pope of the Church is the first who responded to the call of [General] al-Sissi to give him a mandate to kill Muslims; and the result was 500 dead (before the massacre of today [14 August]).
The Pope of the Church sent a memorandum to the current constitutional committee calling for the abrogation of the Sharia articles.
After all this, people are asking: Why do they [the Muslim Brotherhood] torch churches?
Torching of places of worship is crime.
But the Church warring against Islam and the Muslims is more criminal.
To every action there is a reaction.

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