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15th Aug 2013 from TwitLonger

Important -- Manning's Goals

On Manning's internet searches (logs of which were used against him at trial)

"Well PFC Manning was under the impression that his leaked information was going to really change how the world views the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and future wars actually. This was an attempt to crowd source an analysis of the war, and it was his opinion that if-- through crowd sourcing enough analysis was done on these documents, which he felt to be very important that it would lead to a greater good-- that society as a whole would come to the conclusion that the war weren't worth it-- that really no wars are worth it. He talked to me a lot about wargaming on different situations-- something I don't totally understand-- but basically through crowd sourcing enough analysis, which is true with other things-- We have definitely solved a lot of problems in society with crowd sourcing for sure-- that things would improve. So his monitoring of the traffic was to see if this was impacting-- which was what his goal was-- to get this out there for the public to be able to see, view, analyze and come to similar ideas that he did with enough analysis. You know, that this would lead to the greater good. So I think he was just trying to see what the impact was of his efforts were as far as getting it out there to be utilized by the people."

-- Dr. David Moulton, defense forensic psychiatrist

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