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Hey so today's imagine is being posted early yet again because I'm busy tomorrow, but either way I hope you enjoy this Braiden imagine!!!!

#Imagine looking at volunteer applications with your best friend. Even though the rest of the seniors have “senioritis” and are less stressed, you’re even more stressed than before, because you know college is so close. You’ve been so stressed you haven’t even had a good day in weeks.

To graduate high school you need to complete 60 hours of community service and with the first semester of your senior year ending you know you don’t have much time to finish. You already have 55 hours, and your best friend has 45, so for the past 30 minutes you’ve been looking through volunteer recommendations.

“Y/n, we’re never going to find an organization looking for volunteers.”

“Don’t worry we’ll find something” You pick up another flyer and show it to her “What if we volunteer at that day care on the corner?”

She shakes her head fast and looks at you with a concerned face. “That’s a definite no. I cannot be a baby sitter, I would start crying if I saw more than 2 kids at once. I’m an animal person. Not a kid person. I will die alone with cats.”

You two laugh at the image of her with a dozen cats besides her, when it hits you.

“I got it. Let’s volunteer at the dog shelter down town” You search it up on your phone and find dog shelters’ address. “Let’s head down there right now and ask for a volunteer application.”

She grabs her car keys and a minute later she’s driving and you’re sitting in the passenger seat searching up cute animals on your phone.


When you get to the animal shelter you and your best friend are immediately drawn towards the new born puppies running in the fenced in area near the door. You squeal as a copper-ish jack russel terrier, jumps up leaning against the fence. You reach your hand through the cage and coo at the young puppy “Aww, hello precious.”

It’s tiny pink tongue licks your fingertips, and rubs up it’s little head up against your hand. “What’s your name, sweetie?”

Your best friend points to two guys sitting at the table behind the doggy area. One of them sees the both of you looking at them, and talks towards you.

“Hi, were you girls thinking of taking a new puppy home today?”

You shake your head but return his warm smile, “Thanks, but I was just wondering what’s her name.” You bend down and put your hand through the cage and the copper colored terrier bolts to your hand.

He sits on the floor next to you and ruffles the puppy’s fur. “Ahh, I see you’ve met my girl, Penny. She’s named Penny because her fur is the color of a US penny, and she has the personalities of Abe Lincoln, if that makes any sense”

The boy laughs at himself and smiles at you as he grabs Penny from out of the cage and puts her in his lap. Behind him your best friend’s winking and making hearts with her hands, but eventually she gets bored and starts talking to the other boy at the table.

Now that she’s occupied, you focus your attention back to Penny and the boy. “Well hi there, Penny. I’m y/n and your name is as beautiful as you!”

The boy looks up at you and those chocolate brown eyes just make you melt. “Hey, don’t give her too much credit; you and your name are both equally as beautiful as her. Trust me.”

He places Penny into your lap and you both laugh as Penny runs between both of your laps, trying to decide who's lap she wants to sit in.

“Well then, who is this person I should trust? I don’t know any thing about him, but he sounds amazing”

“Well, his name is Braiden Wood, and he is moi”

You nod at him with approval “So I was right about amazing. This Braiden Wood speaks French; impressive”

Braiden smiles sheepishly and you can’t help but smile when he smiles. “Actually, I don’t, but if it counts for anything I’m trying to release an EP.”

An animal lover and a musician? How much better can this guy get?

“No way, seriously? Tell me about that”

He’s telling you about the band he was in called Before You Exit, when his watch beeps and he turns to the other boy who’s flirting with your best friend. “Hey man, we have to get back to our shifts.”

Braiden stands up and extends his arm to help you up.

“Well it was nice meeting you, y/n, you’re really cool, but unless you need help with something, I guess I have to get back to volunteering.”

He starts walking away, trying to hide a disappointed face as the next shift takes his place. You grab his wrist before he can walk away, “Actually Braiden, the reason my friend and I came here was because we have to finish our community service hours to graduate and we were hoping there were openings.”

Braiden’s smile returned even bigger than before, and you realize he's such a gentleman as he opens the door for you and your best friend.

The three of you walk to the manager and talk to her about volunteering, when the other boy came over and helps convince both of you for community service.

“I’ll see you girls Monday morning at 9am for training, and Braiden you can get y/n used to being with the puppies up front” She goes back into her office and your best friend and her guy stay and start talking about their favorite cats. You and Braiden walk back to the front of the store, where Penny is leaning against the cage waiting for your return. You and Braiden just watch Penny and the other puppies silently for a while, when Braiden breaks the silence.

“Well that settles it. I guess we’re going to be co-workers”

You smile at him and look around, “Yeah, I guess I’d better introduce myself.” You extend your hand to Braiden and when he shakes it your hands make the perfect fit with his. “Hi, I’m y/n and I already like this a lot”

“Hi, I’m Braiden and I like YOU a lot”

Your cheeks turn red, and Braiden picks up Penny from the cage. Braiden might think you’re smiling because you get to spend time with Penny, but really, it’s because he makes you feel like yourself again.

Yay! A Braiden imagine! I really hoped you guys like this one! If you enjoyed this imagine, please RT it and spread the word! <3

-Amber :D

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