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14th Aug 2013 from TwitLonger

Early this morning I had written a Twitlonger re: my encounter with Kristen Stewart. I see many of you have read it and loved it. I thank you for that and for all your kind words. <3 However, I also see some people out there who didn't like it as they think I was selfish and disrespectful for going back to the set and still wanting my pic taken with Kristen. For those who feel that way, I ask that a) you re-read my Twitlonger as you obviously didn't read it correctly the first time OR b) you read the text below as it gets straight to the point:

- We were going back to the set anyway as the gal I was with didn't have Kristen sign her pic the first night we saw her. While there, since I already got her autograph, why wouldn't I try for a pic again? It was darker, there were no papz and it never hurts to ASK. I didn't "beg" as some of you people say. I ASKED one time and she said "ok". If she would have said "no", I would have dropped it, just as I did the first day I saw her. I was beyond respectful, to the point of apologizing to Kristen a few times for taking her time and to the point of not asking for a hug or anything more. If Kristen didn't want to do anything for us, she wouldn't have. Period! And no matter what you may say now, if any one of you had the same oppotunity as I did, you would have done the same. And I can only hope you would be just as respectful.

- You should also know that I was in LA for 3 days. Out of those 3 days, maybe only 6 hours was spent on Kristen, which included traveling on buses and just sitting around with a few other fans waiting. With that being said, there were other fans (not the ones I was with the last night) that would come to the set EVERY SINGLE DAY to see Kristen. Not only did they have their pics taken with her, they also would bring multiple items for her to sign. One of them even posted on Twitter how they were there the entire first week. Now in my opinion, that is selfish, disrespectful and maybe even taking things to a stalkerish level.

Anything else? I really hope not. Because to be honest, I find it ridiculous that I even have to come on here and explain things further. My Twitlonger is supposed to be a good thing; a treasured memory that I decided to share with the fandom and whomever else has interest in it. If you read it and enjoyed it, great. If not, then I ask you to please move along sir. Done!

*For those of you who haven't read my original Twitlonger, here's the link:

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