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14th Aug 2013 from TwitLonger

My encounter with Kristen Stewart-

Hey fandom (and all else who may be reading this)!

My name is Tasha, but I may be better known by my Twitter handle @PinkTwiLady. I wanted to share a bit about my experience meeting the beautiful actress Kristen Stewart this past week.

When I had the idea to head down to LA to try to see Kristen and/or Rob while they were each filming their upcoming movies, I never thought it would really happen. It was just a fun idea that turned in to a reality. Yes, plans changed repeatedly (who's going, who's not, what motel, what transportation, what location, etc.), but after a little over a month of getting things together, on August 7th around 7am I found myself in one of my favorite cities; Los Angeles, CA.

After arriving via Greyhound bus, I waited a few hours for another member of the fandom to meet up with me. Once she was there, we grabbed some lunch, hopped on a city bus and checked in to our motel. After some freshening up, we hopped back on a bus to a place called Fred C. Nelles Youth Correctional Facility in Whittier, CA. That is where Kristen's new project was being filmed. It is called 'Camp X-Ray'. Not knowing what to expect, we were glad to see a few more fans hanging outside the entrance/exit of the facility. We all shared our past experiences of seeing or meeting Kristen, or even just attending any of the Twilight premieres (which is the only thing I had done; attended BD2 premiere). Within maybe 45 minutes of just hanging out, we saw an SUV start to pull up. We all knew it had be the one Kristen would be in, not only from previous pics, but because we saw her driver as well. Sure enough, the SUV slows down and pulls up next to us. The driver rolls down his window and although I was calm, cool and relaxed, I was in total awe of who I was seeing right before my eyes sitting in the passenger seat- the beautiful Kristen Stewart. Wow!

I'm not sure who asked what, but all I remember hearing in that first moment in a very familiar voice was the words "I'll totally sign for you guys!". Kristen was giving the OK for autographs. Because this trip to the facility was more to just check things out around there, I wasn't even thinking about an autograph or even a pic for that matter. So I came up with the best thing I could for her to sign- a piece of scratch paper that had the bus route to the correctional facility on the back. LOL! Hey, whatever works. *I later discovered that in my wallet was my ticket stub to the BD2 premiere. Welp.* Anyway, I went up to the drivers side window and said "Hi hun. This is all I have for you to sign" and handed her the paper. She signed it. I said "thank you" and stepped aside for the other fans to have their turn.

While stepping aside, I got my cell phone out and really debated on taking a photo or even a video. But due to how the paps treat Kristen and all the BS she has to go through on a daily basis with 'this and that', I didn't want to do anything without her permission. So I approached the SUV again and asked her if I could take a picture. She did a motion with her hands as if she were saying "of me looking like this?!" and sort of laughed. I said "What?! You're beautiful!" Then she said "Man, really, I totally would, but I don't want those fuckers to make any more money off of me" (pointing across the street to where the papz had previously been hanging out). I asked one more time, but saying to her that she didn't have to get out of the car; that I would just take it of her. She said "No man. You can find plenty of pictures of me online." So I put my phone away, told her I respected her and I blew her a kiss. She nodded and her driver drove off.

As happy and lucky as we were to have any type of interaction with Kristen, there was still that feeling of really wanting a pic taken with her. I sort of felt bad for feeling that way. Like I wasn't being grateful enough, maybe. But I also felt like so many non-fans get their pics taken with her, so why can't I, a true fan, have one? I was going through many conflicting feelings. Who said being a fangirl was easy? Haha! So because I still wanted a pic and the gal I was with wanted to have Kristen sign a pic of them together from the BD2 premiere, we decided to go back to the 'Camp X-Ray' set. However, we didn't want to go back to the next night as that would seem like a bit too much, in my opinion. Even though their are some fans out there who pretty much 'lived on set', I'm not the type to push my luck. So we hung out in other parts of LA for a day and then went back to the correctional facility the next evening in hopes of having another interaction with Kristen and getting a pic taken with her.

So there we were again, waiting by the entrance/exit of the facility. It was just the two of us for a while until two other fans came, which was nice as we all got to chat, laugh and fangirl together. They were very sweet girls. Also, it wasn't as quiet around the set that night as cars were going in and out more often than not. It was sort of awkward as when the cast left, they would have to pull up beside us and if the light was red, they would just be sitting there waiting for it to turn green. So we would all wave and I would throw up the peace sign. LOL! We pretty much saw the whole cast, including Lane Garrison. One cast member even rolled down the window and chatted with us for a bit. He said that he had been there on set for a few weeks and had yet to have his pic taken with Kristen. I said "well, you better get on that!". It was fun. A while later, we saw that familiar SUV coming down the driveway, slowing down and eventually stopping beside us. The driver side window rolled down and once again in the passenger seat was that beautiful girl named Kristen Stewart. Again, wow! I immediately went to the drivers door and said "Hi hun. I know I was just here a couple nights ago, but I'm leaving in the a.m. and just wanted to know if it was ok to get that pic with you now? Please?" Ok, I'm going to be honest here, Kristen was not too keen on the idea. But not for any other reason than she was extremely exhausted and maybe even still worried about the papz. I dunno, nor do I claim to know. But what I do know is that she said "yea, ok." and had me come around to her side of the SUV. I told her she didn't need to get out as I understood if she was uncomfy or what not. But she said "I'll get out, it's fine." So she did. By that time, the three other gals there were right behind me. Now, this is the embarrassing part- I tried to use my cell phone and take a selfie like pic of me and Kristen. Well, yea, that doesn't work in the pitch dark when the flash is on the other side of the phone. So I snapped the pic, which of course came out black and Kristen said "oop, no flash." Talk about a facepalm moment. OMG! Thank God one of the sweet girls that were there with us said "I'll take the pic for you and send it to you", which she did. I was so grateful for her. After my pic was taken with Kristen, I stepped aside for the other few gals to have their pics taken with her too. A couple of them even asked for and received hugs. I wanted one too, of course, but already felt so bad for having this exhausted, yet beautiful girl stop to take pics just to make us happy that I couldn't bring myself to ask for anything more. I found myself apologizing to Kristen maybe a couple times more than necessary and each time her reply was "it's OK" or "it's cool". I still felt bad though. I think it just stemmed from how tired she seemed, or was. But I don't blame her. If anything, I admire her and appreciate her selflessness when it comes to her fans. I said one last "thank you" as Kristen entered back in to the SUV and with that, she was off.

I will forever remember meeting Kristen Stewart. I will forever treasure her autograph and the pic she took with me. I thank God for the opportunity. And I thank you all for being my fandom family and for reading this Twitlonger. It's nice having other fans out there that I can share this with. Peace out! <3

*Side note: Kristen and the rest of the Camp X-Ray cast are done filming. So in no way am I giving out information on how or where to find her. Also, while there, I/we were nothing but respectful to the facility by not going beyond the entrance and by sitting calmly for some time just hanging out, waiting. Also, we were respectful to the cast by not flagging them down even on their way out or asking any questions when they did stop. As for Kristen, she was treated with nothing but love and respect. The ball was always in her court- she made the decision to have her driver stop, to sign autographs and to get out of the SUV for pics.*

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