#TheSpiritOfDixieEvansLivesOnInMe #Burlesque

I never had the privilege of meeting Jenny Lee to whom all strippers, go-go and burlesque dancers owe a lot to in my humble opinion. What Jenny Lee started was taken to a whole new level through the spirit, street smarts and passions of Miss Dixie Evans.

The unifying force of Miss Dixie Evans has brought together four generations of strippers, go-go and burlesque dancers since 1991 when she started the Miss Exotic World Pageant. Thanks to her inspiration we have a multi-generational, international sisterhood (with a few brothers), which has catapulted Burlesque into our modern day world through us.

In honor of Miss Dixie Evans and her beautiful spirit I invite everyone everywhere on August 28th, to pay homage to Miss Dixie Evans on what would have been her 87th Birthday with a random act of Glamor and Spectacle. Together, we can celebrate her spirit, life, and art.

Tape it ! Photograph it ! Tweet it ! Vine it ! Instagram it ! Facebook it! Vimeo it!

Tag it! #TheSpiritOfDixieEvansLivesOnInMe

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