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13th Aug 2013 from TwitLonger

Braiden Imagine for @BYEAdrimel! Enjoy girl! Sorry it's so late! :)

#Imagine your mom waking you up early on a summer day and forcing you to participate in a school extra curriculum.

“Mom, I’m already having pre-season this summer for soccer, why do I have to do another school activity?”

“Adrimel, I told you, you need to have a great senior year, which means filling up your schedule.”

“Fine, what do I have to take?”

“Well when you were younger you always wanted learn how to play a guitar. So I was thinking you could take guitar lessons and we’ll sign you up for music class in the fall.”

You know it’s no point in trying to fight Mom and music is basically your life so you just nod and close the door when you get to your room. You rummage through your garage and find your older sisters used guitar that she left behind when she went to practice.

It’s a light brown and has inspirational quotes hand-written by her on it. You fingers gently pass over and strum the guitar strings, and you remember your sister’s constant strumming throughout the house. Memories come flooding back, and you miss the sound of the guitar, because you haven’t heard it since she left for college 2 years ago.

You can hear your mom walking into the garage and stopping when she see’s you holding the guitar.

“Oh, Adrimel, I see you’ve already found your sister’s guitar. Speaking of your sister I just called her and she says a friend of hers gives guitar lessons over Skype. So, I’ve worked it all out and in an hour you will be video chatting with…Braiden Wood.”

Your ears perk up and take out your phone and go on twitter.

“Wait… Braiden Wood, I’ve heard that name before. I think he follows me on twitter.”

Your mom looks skeptical now, like she wants to cancel the guitar lessons all together. But you reassure her, “No mom, it’s because he’s part of a band, and when bands are first starting they like to follow random people to advertise their band.”

She sighs in relief and smiles at you, “Well then, hurry up and get dressed, you’re still in your pajamas.”

You groan while walking to your room and quickly change before opening your laptop. Automatically a new Skype friend request pops up, saying “Hi Adrimel, it’s Braiden. I’m your new guitar teacher.” He’s offline still, so while you wait you go on twitter and ask your friends from different fandom’s about Braiden and the band he’s in.

Apparently it’s called Before You Exit, and they’re about to go on tour with Olly Murs. You’re halfway through the first song on their EP when you have an incoming call on Skype, so you grab your guitar and plop onto your bed. You click answer and see a familiar and friendly face say “Hi Adrimel, I’m Braiden. Ready to learn how to play the guitar”

You smile and show “your” guitar to him. “Woah, sick guitar. Did you write those quotes on them yourself?”

“Nah, this is my sister’s but I’m going to use it for now. She was amazing, so I’m hoping her guitar will give me some good luck”

He looks at you directly into the webcam. “Well Adrimel, if you’re gonna be even better than your sister we’d better start now. We’ve only got one hour today”

Braiden teaches you the basics, and you realize it feels really good to play the guitar especially because you feel the connection with your sister.

“Adrimel, you are a natural! You could definitely be in a band”

“Well thanks, that means a lot considering you’re already in a band that’s about to go on tour”

“You knew about that?”

“Of course! I mean you follow me, so I decided to do some research.”

He laughs and you have to admit that it’s super cute, especially when he brushes his hair out of his face. You're already falling for your guitar teacher, but he's so nice and sweet how could you not.

Braiden face palms himself and grins, “That’s how I knew your name! Your name is just so unique and familiar, I knew I knew you from somewhere.”

“Yeah, well your name will soon be known everywhere when your band goes on tour across the country. I mean that’s a huge deal”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool, but don’t worry I’ll definitely still make time for guitar lessons still on tour. And when we visit your city I’ll definitely give you a live guitar lesson and you can even meet the band.”

You can't believe your ears. Actually meet Braiden in person and his band that's touring the country? You feel like you're in a dream.

“Seriously? You’d do that?! Braiden seriously you are the best and I would hug your right now if we weren’t video chatting.”

“I’m feeling the love and I’m sending it back!” He makes a heart shape with his hands and winks. “Okay, but we’ve already gone 30 minutes over time and I still haven’t finished what I had planned because we’ve been talking to long. Back to work!”

15 minutes later Braiden completes the lesson and even though you two could talk for hours he has band rehearsals and you need to get to soccer practice. You set up lessons for the next month and end the call, feeling happier than you were before.


It’s a month and a half later and today you can finally meet Braiden in person when he comes over, and afterwards you’re going to hang out with the band in their tour bus. The door bell rings and after you finally hug him for the first time you take him to the garage where you two will be playing together for the first time.

“Adrimel! Hey how have you been?”

"Oh my gosh I'm great! I finally get to meet the famous Braiden!”

You two laugh and chat for a few minutes before you start the lesson. Since it’s the first time being taught in person Braiden can physically correct your hand placements, so every once and a while he holds your hand and moves it to the correct position. Every time you feel a spark in your fingers and your heart beats a little bit faster. And the first time you’ve ever played a couple of chords together sounded amazing, like it blended into one sound.

“Adrimel that was so good, I’ve been playing my whole life and we’re at the same level already.” Braiden smiles widely and proud and he hi-fives your hand.

You wink at him and smile, not because you're being flirty, but because you honestly cannot help it.

“Yeah, well I’ve got a pretty good teacher, he’s pretty amazing.”

This is the first time you've ever seen Braiden blush, and it is the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life. “Aww thanks cutie, c’mon let’s head over to the tour bus.

You both sling your guitar cases over your shoulder and as you walk out of the garage hand in hand you feel the same sparks just as you did before.

I hope you enjoy this Adrimel!!! :D

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