Twitter log from the rest of Media Day
Sheadixon: The 2013 RB group (Magee, Blue, Hilliard, Hill)

lukejohnson44: Here's Travin Dural. Collars look different, have "Pro Combat" on back collar.

Rome_Chandler: Jeremy Hill: "I don't read the papers. Don't watch the news, try not to watch ESPN."

Rome_Chandler: Hill: "I can't control what other people think. I just have to be a good teammate to other people on this team."

MattMoscona: Jeremy Hill meeting with media

BenLoveTSD: One thing Cam Cameron says will never compromise on offense: "physical nature."

BenLoveTSD: Cameron also said there were "no mandates" from Les Miles on what to change with the offense when he came in.

CodyWorsham: Chavis: Lamin Barrow could have been a second rounder had he come out. We're glad he came back.

CodyWorsham: Chavis: Jalen Mills has great coverage ability and gray confidence. That's what it take to be a great corner at LSU.

CodyWorsham: Chavis: We expect to play as well as we did last year. The names may change, but the expectations do not.

MattMoscona: Zach Mettemberger, always candid

CodyWorsham: Chavis: Christian LaCouture can play now. He's ahead of the freshmen in terms of physicality.

Sheadixon: DEs Lewis Neal and Danielle Hunter

CodyWorsham: Chavis: It's Ego Ferguson's time to shine. When he went in there last year, the play didn't drop off. He's got the experience.

BenLoveTSD: Some good stuff from Cam Cameron and "team offense" at . Will write about in detail on TSD soon.

lukejohnson44: Here's Mett

lukejohnson44: Cam Cameron, "I don't like to make comparisons, but (Mett) throws the ball a lot like Joe Flacco."

BenLoveTSD: John Chavis says DT Anthony Johnson has had his best Fall Camp to date so far.

LSUfball: Offensive Coordinator LSUCoachCam speaking at media day.

Rome_Chandler: Danielle Hunter relishes being compared to KeKe Mingo. But he still said he can't do half of what Mingo did.

BenLoveTSD: Ethan Pocic holding court.

CodyWorsham: Jalen Mills said Mathieu_Era taught him how to work in practice. Said he learned from Mathieu's work ethic.

CodyWorsham: Rickey Jefferson said Tommy Moffit's strength program did him wonders in the offseason.

LSUfball: Newspaper photoshoot for Anthony "Freak" Johnson in his HS choir robe. WIN

lukejohnson44: Cam Cameron said the hardest thing to teach freshman offensive linemen, "without question, teaching them where the QB is."

Rome_Chandler: Freak is, well, a freak.

Rome_Chandler: Jeremy Hill and I made an Instagram video. He addresses the LSU faithful

Rome_Chandler: Jermauria Rasco just told me he hates the Big Cat. Also, Ego's favorite players to go against are La'el and Trai Turner.

LSUfball: Lamin Barrow wearing jersey 18 for the first time. WIN

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