Twitter log of Les Miles' press conference
Tried to weed out the duplicates:

MattMoscona: Full house for LSU Football Media Day. Les Miles begins at 3:30pm CT

BenLoveTSD: Les Miles in the building. LSU Media Day has begun.

CodyWorsham: Miles: "I like where we're at."

TDR_sports: Miles: "It's not wise for me to talk about injuries at this time." Calls Williford's injury "just football."

lukejohnson44: Miles on his offensive line, "Moved Vadal over to LG and it's really benefitted us. Hawkins has had as quality a camp as anybody."

RandyRosetta: LSU coach Les Miles: Vadal Alexander has moved to left guard, with Jerald Hawkins ready to take over at right tackle.

RandyRosetta: LSU coach Les Miles: "Duke Riley has come in here with a lot of speed and enthusiasm and is going to have a great career here."

MHarrisAdvocate: Les on guys pushing for back-up jobs: Mentions Duke Riley, Jeryl Brazil, Ricky Jefferson, Melvin Jones, Kendell Beckwith. LSU

TDR_sports: Miles on Lamin Barrow: "He's hard working, big, strong, physical. And yet, he's a quiet leader. When he talks, everyone listens." LSU

CodyWorsham: Miles on Rickey Jefferson: He can really cover. He's a physical player. He'll have to get comfortable in the secondary in scheme.

RabalaisAdv: Miles on offense: There's an opportunity for us to call select group of plays from many personel groups, formations. ... LSU

Tiger_Rag: Miles on his new OC, "Cam has a real understanding of different aspects, players on the field, where to attack."

MHarrisAdvocate: Miles on back-up QB competition: Rivers and Jennings both improving. Jennings "has a leg up on that second spot." LSU

RandyRosetta: LSU coach Les Miles on kickers: "Colby Delahousye is really in front."

RandyRosetta: LSU coach Les Miles: Also says James Hairston is the kickoff guy and could be used for long field goals.

RandyRosetta: LSU coach Les Miles on offense: "I'm certainly going to have my say, but I like the direction we're going."

RandyRosetta: LSU coach Les Miles on DEs: "The veterans really jumped out at me." Mentions Jordan Allen, Danielle Hunter.

MHarrisAdvocate: Les on the DE spot and Lewis Neal's chances: Compliments Jordan Allen and Danielle Hunter. Neal, Bower, Herron can step in. LSU

CodyWorsham: Miles: "We're going to have real quality end play. There's some real fast, athletic big men at the ends for us."

MattMoscona: Miles: Rasco will not be limited. Had a shoulder injury at the end of spring ball. Has practiced every day

Sheadixon: Seems like Jordan Allen has created some distance on Danille Hunter for the starting DE spot opposite Jermauria Rasco.

TDR_sports: Targeting question. Yay. Miles: "Every defensive coach will have ... to teach lower framework on tackles." LSU

CodyWorsham: Miles said four-minute drilling is a "sore point" for him: "the back end of the game where you have the lead."

Tiger_Rag: LM: "There's a number of very talented guys that have just arrived." Said he needs to find a way to get them in the right spot on the field

MHarrisAdvocate: Miles says LSU focusing on four-minute drilling is an emphasis. Consider it the lingering taste from losses to Alabama and Clemson.

RandyRosetta: LSU coach Les Miles on not announcing Jeremy Hill's punishment: "It's team in nature and doesn't reflect outside opinion."

MHarrisAdvocate: Miles on NFL players from program: "Arizona might LSU West." LSU

TDR_sports: Miles: "We like us. We like us in every game."

Tiger_Rag: Miles on Travin Dural, "He's developing very well, I would expect him to be in every game."

CodyWorsham: Miles on Hilliard: Kenny is coming lighter, faster. He's certainly going to be a guy who will be relied on to carry his share of the balls.

lukejohnson44: Miles on Dallas, "It's a place that I'm comfortable with. ... And certainly the place we're playing in is spectacular."

CodyWorsham: Miles: I think Hawkins may be an undersung, very dominant player on the right side.

CodyWorsham: Miles on Alexander at guard: He brings over a lot of knowledge.

Tiger_Rag: Miles singing the praise of Ethan Pocic, who should be in line for a good amount of playing time this season.

Tiger_Rag: Miles won't commit to naming a starting center. Said both Pocic and Porter will play a lot of football.

Tiger_Rag: Miles on his freshmen, "We've counted on them to have a real strong impact. ... We have to have impact from our freshman class."

Tiger_Rag: Miles, on his freshmen, "We've recruited to that. It was an opportunity that these guys saw and seized."

RabalaisAdv: Miles on still having power running game: The opportunity to rush as we have in the past is there now, combined with play action. LSU

HunterPaniagua: That's it for Les. Here's a quick recap of what was said during the presser for FREE …

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