Twitter log for Les Miles' Thursday press conference
Rome_Chandler: Les is here. Bombardment to begin.

Rome_Chandler: Miles: "I like my newcomers. Each day there's a guy that steps to the front who looks like he'll be able to help us." LSU

LSUfball: Coach Miles: Each day there’s another newcomer who steps to the front and looks as if he will be able to help us.

HunterPaniagua: Les mentioned guys like Anthony Jennings and Ethan Pocic as players that benefit most from split squad

HunterPaniagua: Les: I'd imagine [Vadal] has been held out to be fresh for the full-squad, full-pad practices tomorrow

Rome_Chandler: Les can neither deny nor confirm Avery Peterson's injury. "I think he's hurt though. I don't think he'll be back this season." LSU

DerekPonamsky: Strong praise for Justin Macklin from Coach Miles

LSUfball: Miles on Avery Peterson's injury: I don’t think he will be back this season or at least not until the back end of the year.

HunterPaniagua: Miles said Tre'Davious White and Jeryl Brazil could be good return guys

Rome_Chandler: Miles: "The linebacking corps is fast and violent. They're a good looking group of men." LSU

Rome_Chandler: Les calls Jalen Mills possibly "one of the better corners to come out of here." LSU

DerekPonamsky: I think he'll be miserable to block Coach Miles on Jermaria Rasco

Rome_Chandler: Les on Hill and possible suspension: "He's serving punishment currently. There will be some witholdment." LSU

Rome_Chandler: Les says Jeremy Hill will be witheld from "playing time." Wouldn't confirm how much or what game. LSU

bldore: LSU coach Miles: Wouldn't have had 4 days of split-squad practices with veteran team. Probably 2. Split-squad means more reps for players.

bldore: Coach Miles: Travin Dural could be one of best receivers on team.

HunterPaniagua: On Quantavius Leslie: He's getting more comfortable with what we're asking him to do

Rome_Chandler: Les on JFF: "Don't put yourself in a position where someone who doesn't know you can take your career from you." LSU

HunterPaniagua: Miles: "If there's a time when you're comfortably poor, it's in college."

Rome_Chandler: Les on iPads: "I think it's amazing how life has changed. It speaks back to you!" We're off the deep end here, sort of. LSU

JacquesDoucet: Don't put yourself in a position, where somebody you don't know, can take your career away. Coach Miles on Manziel autograph situation.

ScarboroughMike: LSU freshman QB Anthony Jennings was a standout at Thursday afternoon's practice.

HunterPaniagua: Miles: Colby Delhoussaye is deserving of first looks at K, but it's too early to say for certain

HunterPaniagua: Injury to Vadal is not even severe as a slight ankle sprain. Same for DeSean Smith

Rome_Chandler: Les: "I've never been to Lambeau Field, but I'm looking forward to it. Not when it's December or January." LSU

HunterPaniagua: That's it for Les. Get the quick rundown right here for FREE …

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