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Imagine for @BYEbrandii!!

#Imagine working at your mom’s music store after school every day. The main reason you agreed to work there after school was because you’re a sucker for cute musicians, and mom’s music store was really popular so you figured some of them dropped by in the store. But usually band directors just come to the store to buy instruments and supplies in bulk, so besides the extra cash and the ride home, it’s not your first choice right after 6 hours of school.

Plus there are rarely any cute guys who come in. You’re always thinking about this in the store, in fact you’re thinking about it right now as you’re behind the counter organizing the music books and tapping on the counter with your drumsticks. Business has been better than usual lately, so Mom is closing the store this morning and interviewing for a part time position like mine.

There are already two girls waiting outside Mom’s office, and Mom said there were three applicants today, so you’re wondering when the last one will get here. Mom calls you into the office, “Hey Brandi, can you please display what’s in this box?”

You pick it up and start walking away slowly.

“Yeah, sure, hey Mom, I was wondering about the applicants-”

“Oh Brandi, I’m really busy right now, please just finish that for me”

You brush it off, and try to maneuver your way through the store holding a huge box without hitting anything. But you end up banging the box directly into someone’s face.

Behind the box, is a cute boy whose rubbing his face, and adjusting his hair and a snapback.

“Oh my gosh! Sorry about that, are you okay?”

You slide the box on the counter you were sitting behind, before you end up dropping it on his foot.

“Yeah, usually I make it to an interview without bruising my face, but there’s a first for everything”

It reminds you of that one time when you showed up to picture day with a huge bruise on your head.

“Haha, actually one picture day I-”. You stop yourself and look at him a little closer, “Wait…. YOU are the third applicant for the job?”

“That’s me! Toby James McDonough; I’m in a band, I’m friendly and I’m awesome. So basically I’m perfect for the job” He grins at you and winks, tipping his snapback forward.

It’s official, you automatically know you like him. He’s funny, cute, dorky and adorable. What else is there?

“Wow, that’s a convincing and a very professional resume” You say sarcastically as you clap for him.

“Oh yeah, I’ll get the job for sure”

You would never admit this to anyone, but you’re sure hoping that Mom’s going to give him the job. He leans on the counter too and plays with the guitar picks on the counter.

“So, are you interviewing for this position too?”

“No, I’m actually-”

Toby scrunches his face a little and frowns “Aww, I thought we were going to be co workers and we could mock each other all day long! My life is over now!”

He fake cries and pushes his lips out into a pout. “Well, then happy birthday, because this is my mom’s store, so if you get the job I get to have the pleasure of teaching you everything. I’m Brandi, by the way”

In seconds his frown has already turned upside down, and both of you are already talking about millions of random topics.

“By the way, what’s in the box that you rammed into my face? It was really hard.”

You actually have no idea, so you go behind the counter and get the scissors to cut open the box. Inside is a snare drum, so Toby grabs the two drumsticks you were playing with before and starts randomly tapping on it. He’s terrible and he knows it, so you start laughing at him.

“Okay Brandi, I know I’m not a prodigy, but let’s see you try it”.

Toby’s mouth drops open when you walk over to the full drum set and start playing a really sick beat. Then when he’s recovered from your amazing playing he starts dancing along to the beat. You toss a drumstick to him, and walk back over to him.

“Oh yeah, and by the way, that’s me; Brandi Saechao. I play the drums, I’m friendly and I’m awesome.”

You wink and Toby just laughs.

“Yeah, I think if I get the job this will be a full time mocking party.”

You hear mom from the office call “Next?”

You and Toby stare at each other and then see that the other two applicants were already sitting on the piano bench, waiting for the results.

“Wow, we’ve been talking that long? It felt like a minute” You couldn't believe that Mom had already gone through two interviews.

“Yeah, I know right. One second you were banging a drum into my face and the next second my interviews already starting.”

Mom calls from her office, “Toby McDonough?”

You point towards Mom's office, and shrug. “Well, I guess that’s your cue. Don’t mess up the interview, because to tease each other if we’re working here together.”

Toby takes your hand and wraps his pinky around yours, before walking into the office.

“I pinky promise that we’ll be together.”

I hope you enjoyed it Brandi!!! :D

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