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7th Aug 2013 from TwitLonger

#Imagine working at your old summer camp this year and this year your birthday falls during the summer camp session. Your boyfriend of two years, Connor, is a life guard at the pool and you’re a counselor, so you usually only see or talk to each other when he drives the two of you home.

Today’s your birthday and after all the kids leave you wait for Connor under your tree where he first asked you out. You’ve seen him more than usual today, but couldn’t really talk. As you’re waiting on the hill underneath the tree you look for Connor, but you still don’t see him. You loudly blow bubbles with the watermelon gum that Connor gave you this morning because he knows watermelon is your favorite fruit.

You call Connor asking where he is.

"Hey babe, I thought we were meeting under our tree"


"Are you coming?"

"Of course, y/n, I'd never leave you alone on your birthday, just listen really carefully"

You're waiting for Connor to say something, but you just hear him hang up. The camp is completely deserted and it’s starting to get dark. Inside you want to kill Connor, but you know you have to listen to what he said.

You close your eyes and try to block out the regular noises and hear the distant sounds of the guitar, and you know its Connor so you and make your way to the amphitheater.

You see Connor stand on the stage with the band he’s in, but he doesn’t notice you so you sit in the last row watching him freak out, wondering where you are. You’re not paying attention to Connor as he dials his phone until your phone rings throughout the amphitheater.

Connor stands there shocked, with the phone still to his ear, and stutters into the phone, blushing. From across the amphitheater he apologizes for not seeing you and sings you a song he wrote for your birthday.

Before Connor can finish the last note you’re already running onstage, crashing into him and hugging him as he spins you around. He puts you down and the two of you sit on the stage ledge.

Connor wraps a bandana that he had in his pocket around your face and whispers in your ear.

"Happy birthday sweetie, I'll be right back. I'll never leave you."

He runs onto the stage. You can hear him struggling to carry something in his hands. You smile widely when one of the boys takes off the bandana and you see Connor standing in front of you, holding a watermelon with the words “I Love You” carved into it.

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