Quick Twitter log from Wednesday AM practice
CodyWorsham: Headed to LSU football practice. Expect a barrage of tweets, photos, vines, etc.

CodyWorsham: Laminate Barrow. https://vine.co/v/hbVj1uXTOKH

CodyWorsham: Anthony "Freak" Johnson https://vine.co/v/hbVIegz6Fbj

LSUfball: Jarvis Landry catching a pass on day 3 of camp. https://vine.co/v/hbVTerMmMUz

GLaneyESPN: Mett hands to Blue at LSU https://vine.co/v/hbVtHQM2pm5

LSUfball: Coach Miles working with the offensive line on day 3 of camp. http://instagram.com/p/ctz73DoPhx/

HuntPalmerBBI: Travin Dural just climbed WAY up the ladder for a back of the end zone touchdown catch. First "wow moment of camp".

Sheadixon: Brick Haley gets set to work Jordan Allen and Ego Ferguson out on the sled. pic.twitter.com/nGnI4lI1iU

LSUfball: Ego Ferguson and Jordan Allen working with Coach Brick Haley https://vine.co/v/hbVPzL3JBKe

CodyWorsham: Much calmer practice on D today. John Chavis is either pleased or hoarse.

MattMoscona: Media avail for Day 3 at LSU fall camp is over. Still no Vadal Alexander. Got look at 1st D and OL. Full report soon

MattBoudreaux: Cam Cameron was not happy today. Not at all. Especially not happy with QB Rob Bolden.

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