A short Twitter log of the media's morning session at LSU
MattBoudreaux: Jeremy Hill is at the am practice pic.twitter.com/1Ifrc1fgrr

Sheadixon: LBs go through position drills https://vine.co/v/hbTxlxH26wg

CodyWorsham: Lewis Neal https://vine.co/v/hbT2rh50XUm

LSUfball: Tashawn Bower going through a drill on day 2 of fall practice. LSUWIN https://vine.co/v/hbT20qWLFU1

Sheadixon: First-team defense on an interception drill https://vine.co/v/hbT0j0K3d3Q

CodyWorsham: 2nd team defense. https://vine.co/v/hbT0EmHQadO

GLaneyESPN: Lamar Louis is running first team MLB. Welter not at morning session.

JacquesDoucet: Coach Miles with O Line. pic.twitter.com/HWRqSfL205

JacquesDoucet: DB Craig Loston doing work. pic.twitter.com/oDcFk5ZxPD

BenLoveTSD: Another media session at LSU practice in the books. Jeremy Hill was out there as were a few familiar faces on D. Stay tune to TSD.

MattBoudreaux: LSU camp day 2 with Jeremy Hill http://youtu.be/5awmcEHYMBE

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