Twitter log of Les Miles' press conference comments

EastAdvocate: Miles: Teammates voted to bring Hill back. Would not be back otherwise.

LSUfball: Jeremy Hill continued: "I would like to apologize to my teammates and the community. I will continue to work to be a better person."

TDR_sports: He owes this school, this team and this community his best behavior. -Miles

RandyRosetta: Les Miles: Says the players voted to allow Hill back into practice. "He'll have further punishment."

RandyRosetta: Les Miles: "We'll bring him back to practice."

EastAdvocate: Miles has not decided on how much playing time, if any will be part of further punishment.

RandyRosetta: Les Miles: "The guy is a good college student, a good person. He's not a goy who has constant bad behavior."

Tiger_Rag: Miles on Hill: He's rusty as heck. He better get back to practice if he hopes to play at all.

MHarrisAdvocate: Miles: The legal system in does a fair job, and that's why I stayed in the backdrop. "We're thankful for the job they do," he said.

Tiger_Rag: Miles on watching the video of Hill: It didn't play well in any way for anyone in this room or me.

RandyRosetta: Les Miles: "He had an episode that let us down. ... I wanted (team) to have a right to express their opinion in a vote."

EastAdvocate: Miles: "I promise you that further punishment will take place."

MHarrisAdvocate: Miles on if Hill doesn't miss a game: Those critics don't know what it's like to be suspended four months away from friends/support system.

GLaneyESPN: Miles: Judge's ruling that Hill will have further punishment influences his approach. Hill will face further punishment.

JimKleinpeter: Les Miles said Hill wanted to address media today to apologize to the team and the community.

RandyRosetta: Les Miles: "The reality is, they're people ... we're flawed, every one of us."

MHarrisAdvocate: And now football questions. Yes, Miles hit his regular line: "I like our team."

JimKleinpeter: Les Miles: Kendall Beckwith is a big, fast skilled man. Rickey Jefferson is going to be a good player.

Tiger_Rag: Miles likes the freshmen. A lot. Naming them one by one at positions everywhere.

HunterPaniagua: Les mentioned new guys like Tre'Davious White, Kendell Beckwith, Rickey Jefferson, Q Leslie for standing out today

Tiger_Rag: Miles wants freshmen working with first teamers to see how it's done. That's why 10 worked in am session today.

MHarrisAdvocate: Miles closed practice because of Hill's practice.

RandyRosetta: Les Miles: "Would he have come back as the starter? Absolutely. But frankly, Alfred Blue has stepped in front."

TDR_sports: Miles: "I tried to take in the whole view of [Hill]."

HunterPaniagua: Miles: "He's a guy that's going to want to work in the community." I think they call that community service

Tiger_Rag: Miles: I'm a proponent of changing behavior. I think there's some positive that comes from this.

HunterPaniagua: The afternoon practice did not quite no what they're doing because they're younger. Jeremy Hill had no effect. …

EastAdvocate: That's a wrap on Miles news conference.

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