Ergenekon Decisions (for those interested):

"Ergenekon members" - An alleged network of people who were planning to overthrow the government:

Notorious far-right heroin gang boss Sedat Peker - for organisation membership 10 years.

Ondokuz Mayıs University ex-rector Ferit Bernay - for organisation membership, 10 years.

Founder of far-right Turkish Revenge Brigade and National Unity Party, Semih Tufan Gülaltay: 12 years prison for armed organisation membership

Ex-JİTEM (virulently anti-Kurdish military intelligence) head retired Colonel Arif Doğan - 25 years; founding "Kurdish Hezbollah" in South-East Turkey to fight the PKK.

Deputy İşçi Party Head Ferit İlsever - 15 years prison for "provoking armed rebellion against the Turkish government"

Doğu Perinçek's (and Ulusal Channel's) lawyer, Emcet Olcaytu - 13 years 2 months

Author of pretty speculative political books comparing the Prime Minister to Hitler and tracing his heritage to Spanish Jews in Georgia, Ergün Poyraz - 29 years 4 months for allegedly starting a far-right armed group called the Union of Patriotic Forces.

Economist and Cumhuriyet journalist Prof.Dr. Erol Manisalı - 9 years for organisation membership

Former Halk TV news editor and Mayor of Esenyurt Gürbüz Çapan - 1 year 3 months for being an "organisation beneficiary"

Doctor and lecturer at Istanbul Medical Institute Ümit Sayın - 4 years

Ex-President of YÖK (the government Higher Education Institution) and TÜBİTAK (the Science Ministry) Kemal Gürüz - 13 years 11 months

Businessman (jewelry but also manufacturing) Hayrettin Ertekin, who was allegedly to do with Sedat Peker and the Azeri far-right - 12 years

Ulusal Channel press head and former member of Deniz Gezmiş's leftwing revolutionary group Hikmet Çiçek: 21 years 9 months

Lawyer, ex-head of the far-right "Ülkü Ocaklar" Levent Temiz - 10 years

Lieutenant Mehmet Ali Çelebi - 16 years 6 months

Mehmet Demirtaş - 22 years for storing bombs in his gecekondu (slum house)

Ex-Captain Mehmet Zekeriya Öztürk - 19 years 6 months

Major General Erdal Şenel - 7 years 6 months

Lt. Colonel Mustafa Dönmez - 49 years 2 months

Retired General Kemal Yavuz - 7 years 6 months

Lt. Noyan Çalıkuşu - 8 years 6 months

İşçi Partisi General Secretary Nusret Senem - 20 years 3 months

Oktay Yıldırım, accused of leading Ergenekon 33 years 10 months

Aydınlık Newspaper Manager Serhan Bolluk - 7 years 6 months

Ex-General Secretary of the National Security Council Tuncer Kılınç - 13 years 2 months

Yeniçağ newspaper journalist Vedat Yenerer - 7 years 6 months

Freelance journalist Ünal İnanç - 19 years

Historian and political author Yalçın Küçük - 22 years 6 months

Former rector of İnönü University Fatih Hilmioğlu - 23 years

Former head of Jandarma Intelligence Hasan Atilla Uğur - 29 years 3 months

Ex-Red Crescent Ombudsman Kemal Aydın - 20 years 8 months

Former rector of İstanbul University Kemal Alemdaroğlu - 15 years 8 months

Başkent University rector and CHP MP Mehmet Haberal - 12 years 6 months

Cumhuriyet columnist and CHP MP Mustafa Balbay - 34 years 8 months

Retired Brigadier Levent Ersöz - 22 years 6 months

Retired General and former Commander of the 1st Army Hurşit Tolon - life

Yeni Party founder, journalist and organiser of the anti-AKP "Republic Meetings" Tuncay Özkan - a life sentence with penal servitude plus 16 years 2 months

President of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce Sinan Aygün - 13 years 6 months

Lawyer (head of nationalist lawyers' group the Great Lawyers Union) Kemal Kerinçsiz - life sentence with penal servitude

Former head of the military Special Operations Unit İbrahim Şahin - 49 years 4 months

Former Commander of the Gendarme, Head of the Atatürk Thought Society and Former General Şener Eruygur - life imprisonment

Former Head of the Turkish Metalworkers Union Mustafa Özbek - life imprisonment

Press officer for the Turkish Orthodox Church Sevgi Erenerol - life imprisonment

İşçi Partisi President Doğu Perinçek - life imprisonment with penal servitude plus 34 years 4 months

Retired Captain Muzaffer Tekin - two life imprisonments with penal servitude plus 117 years

"Danıştay Bombing Case"

Hitman Alparslan Aslan - two life sentences with penal servitude plus 90 years

Bomber of the Council of State (Danıştay) Osman Yıldırım - 8 years 9 months prison

"Cumhuriyet Newspaper Attack Case"

Bedir Şinal, who threw molotov cocktails at Cumhuriyet Newspaper's offices - 18 years 8 months

"Internet Memorandum Case" - Accusations that military personnel were preparing a second "postmodern coup":

Former President of the General Staff (Head of the Turkish Military) İlker Başbuğ - Life imprisonment

Retired General Mehmet Eröz - life imprisonment

Retired Colonel Fuat Selvi - life imprisonment

Brigadier Hıfzı Çubuklu - 9 years 6 months.

Retired General Nusret Taşdelen (Commander of Aegean Army) - life imprisonment

"The Wet Signature Case" - Accusations that Colonel Dursun Çiçek had written and signed a document called "The Struggle against Reaction", proposing the overthrow of the government.

Naval Staff Colonel Dursun Çiçek - a life sentence with penal servitude

Aydınlık magazine publisher Mehmet Deniz Yıldırım - 16 years 10 months

Lawyer Serdar Öztürk - 25 years 6 months

"Poyrazköy Case" - Supposed plan to destabilise the country by killing non-Muslim minorities

Retired special forces Captain Mustafa Levent Göktaş - 23 years 4 months