Sorry for the delay, out of practice. Quick chronological Twitter log of Les Miles' press conference

EastAdvocate: Miles at the podium. LSU

RandyRosetta: The Tigers reported today for the start of LSU coach Les Miles' 9th season.

Tiger_Rag: Miles: We've had a great summer.

RandyRosetta: LSU coach Les Miles: TCU is a "quality opponent" and there's a need to start fast.

Tiger_Rag: Miles: There's been a lot of weight lost and strength improved. We come to the start of camp very healthy and ready to compete.

ScarboroughMike: LSU Les Miles says there are a number of extremely talented young people with an opportunity to play and is looking forward to evaluating.

EastAdvocate: I think Miles is saying that they're open minded about position options for most versatile freshmen. LSU

Tiger_Rag: Miles says the team is different, but the culture is the same. LSU

Tiger_Rag: Miles says DB Rashard Robinson will not report because of clearinghouse issue. Unsure of time frame.

TDR_sports: Miles: "Every team as a different personality, and I'm enjoying this personality. I'm enjoying this team"

Tiger_Rag: Miles: Hill's status remains unchanged. Difficult to speculate about. We'll focus on the guys we have in camp.

Tiger_Rag: Miles on evaluation this year: I'm going to look at it differently. I'm going to take some time to force quality evaluation.

lukejohnson44: Les is planning on moving some guys around to experiment at different positions.

CodyWorsham: Miles references 2010 freshman secondary to compare to this season.

DerekPonamsky: Miles likes the competion at center. Porter enters as the starter.

Tiger_Rag: Miles: Alfred Blue's body is 100 percent. He'll have a blast in camp.

HunterPaniagua: Miles said the targeting rule is "the right rule for football," but he admits it's one that will be difficult to officiate

lukejohnson44: Said the standing is, "when in doubt, make the call." Les is going to teach his players to tackle lower.

ScarboroughMike: LSU coach Les Miles on the QB competition. Says Anthony Jennings can give competition ahead and behind him. Says he can play this year.

lukejohnson44: Les, jokingly, on potential shortage of RBs, "we're going to look at some defensive tackles. Refrigerator Perry types."

EastAdvocate: Miles says he may look at other players at RB but LSU would be OK with just Blue, Hilliard and Magee.

JimKleinpeter: LSU coach Les Miles: I personally like opening the season in Dallas. Great place for our fans and our team.

ScarboroughMike: LSU coach Les Miles on tougher opener with TCU. He says he likes opening the season in Dallas. Great place for team and fans.

JimKleinpeter: LSU coach Les Miles: If the conference goes to 9 game schedule, I will not want to take another one of those openers (Cowboy Classic).

DerekPonamsky: Miles said he has "met with the team as much as the NCAA allows" in the offseason.

HunterPaniagua: Miles: "Until the TV makes the schedule, we will have the final say in our non-conference games"

LSUBonnette: Miles having fun today. Asked to compare last 2 season openers in Oregon & North Texas. "Both wore green, bet you guys didn't notice that."

Tiger_Rag: Miles on offense: There's some more 'new' involved in this camp. We've run it all in the Spring, too, so we feel like we're in review.

TDR_sports: Miles on offense: "There's some more 'new' involved in this camp."

EastAdvocate: Miles: No great adjustment for players on offense except learning new system so it's second nature. LSU

GLaneyESPN: With TCU as the opener, "we can't afford a developmental game," Miles said. LSU

Tiger_Rag: Miles: Our talent (on defense) is as quality as it's ever been.

Tiger_Rag: Miles: Big Cat will be invoked. It's a great way to develop (the defensive line). That two-deep or three-deep will be a key piece to camp.

EastAdvocate: Miles: identifying DL depth chart will be one of the key developments in camp. LSU

ScarboroughMike: LSU coach Les Miles says he won't get to the NCAA maximum 29 practices due to the way the month stacks up and when classes start.

Tiger_Rag: Miles: Vadal, if Hawkins can be counted on to play tackle, might fight for some playing time with the guard spot. We have some guys there.

Sheadixon: Sounds like if Jerald Hawkins looks the part as a RT, Vadal Alexander will move to the open LG spot. This month will tell a lot. LSU

JimKleinpeter: LSU coach Les Miles: Mettenberger's mind is right, he wants to be a leader. he's got improvement to make.

JimKleinpeter: LSU coach Les Miles: Jeryl Brazil's speed is hard to keep off the field. He will be looked at at several spots.

LSUfball: Miles was asked about future scheduling: “Right now I’m looking at my 12 (games), and I want to win them.”

Tiger_Rag: Miles: Hill has been suspended from this building. Involved in no team meeting since suspension.

Tiger_Rag: Miles says team meets in summer about "pitfalls of social media."

GLaneyESPN: LSU will hit the field with first practice at 9 am. 103 players on roster, minus Robinson and Hill.

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