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4th Aug 2013 from TwitLonger

Imagine for @BYEmeganizer!!!

#Imagine your mom as the PE teacher at your high school, and usually she teaches summer school for extra money during the summer. But this year she decides she’s going to be the camp director for a sleep away camp about 2 hours from where you live. At first you thought, “Yay! For 3 weeks Mom’s gonna be working at a camp!” You love your mom, but seeing her every single day at school and home can get annoying every once in a while.

You’re still in bed sleeping when you hear her knock on your door, so you get out of bed and she points to the garage.

“Ada, can you please get the two big suitcases from the top shelf in the garage, so I can pack? I almost forgot that camp starts today!”

You’re already walking past her to the garage door and you look up to see the two huge suitcases on the top shelf in the garage. It’s like 4 in the morning so you are not in the mood to get those suitcases down. 10 minutes and a giant bruise on your head later, you’re rolling the two suitcases back into the house.

“Mom, do you really need the two biggest suitcases on the planet? It’s just 3 weeks and it’s only you.”

She smiles at you and shakes her head. “Actually, the other one is yours. Ada! You’re coming with me to camp as a counselor!”

You just standing there with your mouth open wide and you’re about to refuse but your moms jumping up and down, so excited, so the next thing you know if that you and mom are in the car driving to camp.

“Oh, and the neighboring boys camp down the road always comes over on the first day for the annual opening day water balloon fight.”

Your mom’s so excited for camp, and the whole ride she’s been telling you all of the camp traditions and activities. You notice that the suns barely up when you drive up but there are tons of workers and other counselors already working.

You get out of the car and while your mom’s already walking into the office, two other counselors walk up to you and introduce themselves. They’re names are Kelsy and Talia, and you’re instantly best friends with them. When girls start arriving, your mom tells the three of you to fill up the water balloons for the water balloon fight later.

Since Kelsy and Talia have been coming here since they were little they explain stuff to you.

“So the boys’ camp always comes over here and we have a massive water fight?” You ask, as you sit across from Kelsy and Talia filling up water balloons

“Oh yeah, it’s totally insane, and the counselors from the boys camp aren’t bad looking either” Kelsy says with a wink.

Talia laughs, “Yeah, there are actually some pretty cute guys.” She turns to Kelsy, grinning and winks while looking behind you. “Like Connor,”

Both of them nod and smile.

“Who’s Connor,” You ask, and before you could ask them anything about this “Connor” guy, you feel gallons of ice cold water dumped on your head. You can’t even stop to process how cold you are, you’re already running with a bucket of water balloons after the blonde boy who’s fleeing.

You scream “THE WATER FIGHT HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED!!!” to all your campers as you see other boys of all ages running out of the bushes.

The boy turns around laughing as you pelt him with water balloons, and as he brushes his wet hair from his eyes you notice his eyes are incredibly bright blue.

You hear Talia and your little campers yell “GO ADA GO!!!! Soak Connor!”

Well, you finally figured out who this Connor was, and you throw your last water balloon at this back.

Now Connor’s chasing you you’re looking around for Talia and Kelsy’s help, but they are helping the other counselors hand the last water balloons to the little girls as they pelt the boys.

Not paying attention, you trip on a stump and tumble onto the grass. Apparently Connor did too, because the next thing you know, he’s lying on the floor next to you. You both sit up and laugh to see that you’re equally soaking wet.

“Hey, I’m Connor, by the way. Sorry about that, but as a senior counselor I was required to start the fight. But you’ve got to admit you looked cute when you’re mad” He says, reaching his hand out to you.

You shake it and say “Hey, I’m y/n… and just so you know…” You grab a stray water balloon next to you and slap it on top of his head. “You look cute soaking wet.”

Connor laughs and smiles at you, and even though you’re still freezing, your cheeks burn up. You just can’t help but like him already.

“So, is this your first year coming here? I’ve never seen you before. And truthfully, that’s a shame.” You laugh at him, because he’s just so dorky and cute. “Yeah, my mom’s the director this year. Okay, my turn to ask a question.”

A second later you and Connor are playing 20 questions, but it’s more like 100 questions. Now the two of you now so much about each other, you feel like you’ve known each other since birth.

“Favorite color”

“Bright blue”

“My eyes are bright blue, so that means you like me” Connor does a little dance with his eyebrows.

You roll your eyes and push his shoulder playfully

“You wish”

He blushes and looks up at you with those brilliantly bright eyes, “Yeah, I actually do wish that you liked me back”

You can’t help it, you smile and tackle him in a hug

“Then today’s your lucky day”

Hope you enjoy it Ada!! :D

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