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3rd Aug 2013 from TwitLonger

#TurkeySupportNusra See here....AKP government is still supporting Al-Qaida linked groups who have killed many Kurds in Rojava/Kurdistan Region in Syria. Among those who have been killed are mainly civilians and mostly of them women and children. Different reports have indicated that Al-Qaida linked groups had a meeting in Antep, a city near Syrian border where the Al-Qaida groups were encouraged to attack the Kurdish civilians. It is also reported that a radical islamic "Humanitarian Relief Foundation" called İnsani Yardım Vakfı (İHH ) have organised the travel of 180 Islamic extremists from the UK to kill people in Syria and Kurdistan. Some of them from the UK including İgbal Kasım, Hussein Haalem, Hussein Muhammed Tashtayaq, Nasihi Adam, Niah Mohammed Tahir, Arif Waqar, Dad Asgar Ali, Younis Rizwaan Qaisir have either decided not to go Syria and stay in Istanbul or will later join the Al-qaida groups. They are "guests" of Turkish government at hotels around Taksim square. It is not only Al-Qaida groups are responsible for the crime took place. For any potential massacre in Kurdistan region in Syria, Turkish ruling AKP party will be the responsible political entity. Because their are supporting El Nusra and other groups in order to prevent the Kurds to make their decision on their future.

In the meantime the Kurdish parties have stated that "40 000 Kurds in the towns Kubeysîn, Cerablûs, Minbic, Til Eran, Til Hasil around Aleppo are in a danger situation due to Al Qaida linked groups attacked and urged EU to intervene and prevent further killing and escalations.

Many people including Arabs, Syranic and Armenian people who escaped from the sectarian war and violence of so called Free Syrian Army and Bashar Asad regime in Syria to relatively peaceful Kurdish region. Now Turkish ruling party supported Al-Qaida groups are destabilizing this region too. Kurdish parties call for humanitarian aid. However it is reported that Turkish government is trying to prevent the food, medicine ect collected by pro Kurdish organisation in Turkey and in Kurdistan region in Turkey to be passed to the Kurds in Syria. Shame on AKP government

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