[Trans] [VIDEO] 130803 KBS2 Generation to Generation Saturday: Hyun Jung-Hwa mentions JYJ

MC 1: Is there by chance any idols you like?
HJH: Yes, there are a lot. Can I say it?
Woman (T/N ISaac?): Of course! You must really like them, your face is all red!
HJH: Oh my, I'm sweating.
HJH: I don't know why but I like JYJ.
MC 1: Really?
HJH: Be it Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, or Kim Jaejoong, these people are actors and good singers.
MC 2: You're really sweating!
MC 1: Really?
Man: She's suddenly sweating for real!
Man: They should have come out here together with us but I came out instead so you must feel so disappointed!
HJH: I know, right!
Man: What's this?
HJH: Wow, I'm really sweating.

Source: http://youtu.be/Iev2chUPCL0

Translated by Sheena

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