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2nd Aug 2013 from TwitLonger

Hey guys, this is my 2nd imagine! Sorry it's so late something came up, but I hope you enjoy this imagine! Check back in next week at 3pm PST for a Connor imagine! :D


#Imagine selling cookies at the last football game before the homecoming game. Ever since you’ve joined the high school marching band you’ve been in tons of fundraisers for the band trip to championships since you’re the fundraiser coordinator. Halftime was about to start and the cheerleaders were getting ready to do their routine, so you decide that you and your band friends are should continue walk around the stadiums again and finish selling the last of your cookies in your baskets.

Most of the band has only sold their minimum requirement of 20, so you have been trying to make up from their slacking. You look down and count four more. You complain to your friends, “I swear, I’ve talked to every single person in these stadiums and asked them to buy a cookie”.

They roll their eyes, and your best friend nudges you with her elbow, “y/n, maybe not everyone, check out who just got here”.

You follow her gaze and you see Toby, the cute new guy at your school. He’s technically “new” because he wasn’t here last year, but he started the school year with the rest of your class.

You’ve been crushing on him the second he walked into your PE class, wearing a TM hat, because it’s the only class anyone’s allowed can wear a hat. You best friend is the only one who knows about your crush on Toby, because you don’t want your other friends to pressure you about it yet. You and Toby talked in PE, and he always chose you first to be on his team, but outside of PE you two almost never talked.

Early today you were joking about your cookie fundraisers for band and were telling him to come to the football game, so when you saw him walk through those gates you automatically smiled. You try to get his attention, but your other friends walked over to the drummers on the drum line, the cutest guys in band. In your rush to get Toby’s attention, you turn your head and your glasses fly off your face. Now you really can’t see, but you feel someone grab your shoulder and put your glasses back on your face.

When you vision clears you see the drum line captain, who’s incredibly cute. “Be careful next time” he says in a way that makes most girls melt, and winks at you.
Most of your friends are squealing about it, but you roll your eyes because you know he’s a player. They agree with you when you point at him flirting with another girl 5 feet away.

You completely forgot Toby was even here and take your mind off the flirty drum line captain and survey the stadium, but you don’t see Toby anywhere. You didn’t even look at him long enough to see what he was wearing or who he had with him. After a third time looking through the crowd you give up, and continue selling your cookies. You just sold your last cookie and the second half of the game is going to start any moment, so you begin walking towards the “marching band area”.

25 feet away from your friends you hear a screech over the PA system that’s used during the game. Everyone groans, but a second later you hear your name. You hear someone saying your name over the PA. You hear, “y/n, where are you at?”

Naturally, your friends are screaming and pointing at you, and everyone in the stadium turns to look at you, so you give them a small wave. You look up into the stadium and see Toby with a cordless microphone standing next to the guys who are in charge of the PA system. He smiles when he sees you looking back up at him.

“Everyone, this girl has been selling cookies for the band fundraiser for past 3 weeks, working her butt off, and she hasn’t thought about anything lately… Especially not the homecoming dance…”

You bite your lip to try to keep from smiling up at Toby and hold your breath, not knowing what’s coming next.

“So, if you guys wouldn’t mind, you’re going to have to buy your cookies from another band member, because y/n is not giving anymore cookies. She’s receiving them.”

By this time Toby has walked down the stadium stairs and is standing 20 feet away from you with a basket, full of what are apparently cookies. He holds up a huge cookie that’s iced saying "y/n, homecoming?"

You’re totally speechless, as the guy of your dreams is asking you to homecoming in the sweetest way possible. The whole stadium is dead silent waiting for your response, and everyone’s looking at you. You’re trying to act cool and just nod and smile, but you can’t help it and run to Toby, who put the basket on the floor next to him and whose arms are wide open.

You jump into his arms and he spins you around hugging you as the whole stadium cheers and claps. You’re laughing as he puts you down and the two of you are smiling and waving at the crowd.

He hands the basket of cookies to you, and you sift through them reading the icing on each one. Most of them say y/n, homecoming? , but a few of them say "Pretty please?" or "Think about it?".

He smiles sheepishly when you smile and laugh, and says “Well, I just wanted to be prepared in case you said no”. You roll your eyes, still smiling and unwrap one of the humongous cookies before biting into it.

You offer him some, and say “I could never say no to you or your cookies. Both are too sweet”

He bites into it, and says with a full mouth of cookie crumbs, “Not as sweet as you”.

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