[Trans][Extract from #JYJMagazine2- "I sincerely felt the most that I matched with my (female) partner when I acted with Jimin noona. For male partners, it was "wifey" Jung-Seh hyung."

This is the time to praise Han Jimin.

"Thanks to Jimin noona, I could express feelings that I didn't even know I had. She's a partner who has learned me that acting a scene together saved those scenes rather than acting it all by myself. Just like the character Park Ha in the drama, she was considerate and took good care of me."

She was especially of a great help during the shooting of the drama in overcoming the sadness caused by the loss of his father.

"While shooting the drama, I performed at concerts and suffered a major hardship so I was physically having a hard time. And noona stepped forward first and took care of me."

The praising continues.

"Even at the wrap-up party, she treated the staff with such care that I really thought I met a good partner. That day, I was going to have an interview and noona came to me with a glass of soju and said “Hey, Park Yuchun! So you said I looked like a neighbourhood noona, huh?” then she scolded me to have a glass with her. (At that moment) she really looked like Park Ha. Haha!"

Source: http://t.co/6ar76koftp via @heeeewon2

Translated by Sheena

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