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30th Jul 2013 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] Flood of music show appearance requests for JYJ's Junsu, no response from PDs because of 'super power' company

The viewer forums for the various music programs have heated up. On the 28th, after Kooki News report (Flood of appearance requests for Junsu to appear on 'Inkigayo', no response from the production crew..When will communication improve?), requests have flooded in even faster. Hundreds of appearance requests were posted to the viewer forums of KBS 2TV's Music Bank (appearance director: Ha Taeseok), MBC's 'Show! Music Core' (appearance director: Seon Hyeyoon) and SBS's 'Inkigayo' (appearance director: Kim Yongkwon)

Due to invisible backdoor pressure, JYJ have not been able to appear on a music broadcast since they left TVXQ in 2009 and because of this, the Fair Trade Commission of Korea issued a corrective action order against SM Entertainment and the KPCAIC for obstructing JYJ's broadcast and singing activities. JYJ fans were anticipating the sight of JYJ members on public broadcast following the corrective action order. However, the situation is remains that JYJ (Junsu) cannot be seen on the stages of the three big broadcast stations' music shows.

One netizen wrote on Music Bank's viewer forum, "Even the FTC has stuck out their hand (to JYJ). If you are not like other stations and are the nation's broadcast station KBS, then I believe you will differentiate anyone," requesting for the appearance of JYJ's Junsu. On Music Core's viewer forum, another netizen said "Many people wish to see Junsu on TV, at least tell us the PD's point of view. Don't stay silent."

However, production crews are still staying silent at the justified requests from viewers. Even though many methods are used for chart rankings including reactions on SNS, an in-house panel, and mobile votes during the live broadcast, no clear stance has been released regarding casting (of the performers) despite the availability of an official forum, SNS accounts and news outlets. It seems that they do not care about communication with the viewers. Even to reporters' phone calls acting as the messengers of public sentiment, they evaded our calls and we did not receive any stance from them.

On the 29th, 'Music Bank' writer 'A' stated to a reporter that s/he will 'leave a memo with the PD in charge of casting' but even until now, we haven't received the slightest reply. 'Show! Music Core' writer 'B' stated that 'the PD is currently absent so I will give you his/her contact information' and as expected, there was no reply. 'C' PD of 'Inkigayo' stated 'For casting related questions, you have to talk with the main PD directly' and 'I cannot give you his/her contact information'.

Entertainment industry representative 'D' said 'No matter how low the viewership ratings are, the program PDs always consider the most powerful of the powerful companies" and "it's harder for for a rookie singer to meet the PD just once than to record an album. In this kind of structure, there's no reason for broadcast PDs to even care about JYJ." Another representative 'E' stated, "From the stance of a broadcaster, even if there are no legal limitations, anybody would select SM between SM Entertainment's many singers, actors and gagmen and JYJ. As you may expect, PDs do not have absolute freedom when casting. However, they should at least clarify the cause of all this."

It is imperative that 'National Broadcaster' KBS, 'Always your good friend' MBC, and the SBS that 'you will see tomorrow' PDs feel more responsibility and assuringly communicate with viewers.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130730n13788

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