Our numbers continue to grow as more and more fans hear about this amazing movie coming this Valentine's Day! So we thought it might be about that time again to explain who, what, where, when!

Let's start from the beginning:

>YES! VA has been adapted into a feature film and is directed by Mark Waters.

>YES! Daniel Waters script is staying true to the book (don't believe us, just ask @RichelleMead).

> This film covers the first book. If all goes well, and we certainly see that already happening, we will move forward with the rest of the series. So share your books and spread the word and do your part in making ‪#‎VAMovie‬ the biggest hit of the year!

>This twitter account, affectionately called OVAM by our fans, has been around for three years now! Considered the Producers Page, we have brought all the fans along on this journey from obtaining the rights to VA to now. We educate on the filmmaking process, share behind-the-scene treats and point you in the direction of everyone in our big ‪#‎VAFamily‬. For example, make sure you FOLLOW @RichelleMead (VA Author) - I hear she just posted a Dimitri POV chapter!! Also, FOLLOW @VAOfficialMovie, the official movie twitter created and maintained by The Weinstein Company (impressed, yet?). We'll also point you in the direction of any and all international marketing pages as they come to life!

> We shot the movie already, in London, and it was FAB! We just wrapped on July 20th. It stars the amazing @ZoeyDeutch as Rose, the royal @LucyFryOfficial as Lissa and the Russian superstar @KozlovskyD as Dimitri. Not to be outdone, the film also stars @CameronMonagham as Mason, @Sarah_Hyland as Natalie, @DomSherwood1as Christian, @GayleTweets8 as Mia and @AshleyCharles as Jesse. Need some more convincing our cast rocks, it also stars Gabriel Byrne as Victor, @OlyaKurylenko as Kirova, Joely Richardson as Queen Tatiana and Claire Foy as Karp!

> Make sure to follow us on Facebook at "Official Vampire Academy Movie" and the official movie page, "Vampire Academy Movie"

Well, I think that's about it for now. We are so happy you are with us and we really are one big #VAFamily. Our only two requests of the fans are to be respectful of each other and no spoilers/leaks!

So ‪#‎VAddicts‬, have I missed anything? ‪#‎VampireAcademy‬

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