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27th Jul 2013 from TwitLonger

My fanaccount - Changmin
That day I went to Milan because my mother convinced me to keep watching for my wedding dresses despite the fact that I had already chosen one, so I felt annoyed. My mother buy two ice cream for not bother me, so there we were, with two ice cream cones, seeing a dresser.
I was complaining that something I don´t remember what, when in the glass dresser distinguished a figure known. a Asian guy, tall, very handsome, quickly thought "Do I know you?" not remember where but I was sure I'd seen it somewhere.
My mother who is very fond of the k-dramas I said, "You see that guy in the reflection of the glass? Is like that guy who comes in Paradise Ranch, is identical!"
Hearing that I turn me instantly and I thought "Oh my god! Really is him! TVXQ's Changmin!"
But I think I got excited too or instead of thinking about what I said out loud because then Changmin looked me straight in the eye. I did not realize right away, but the excitement, the ice cream I had on hand had flown to her blouse of my mother!!
She issued an gasp at the sensation. Changmin had looked up when I heard the cry of my mom and I reacted, I was very awkward but it was so much fun! I started to laugh like a fool by the face that had put my mother haha then i turned to look at Changmin again. He was closer and laughed! laughed for ice cream spilled on the blouse of my mom hahahahahaha
I never been a shy girl so I told my mom that if I wanted an autograph, but she seemed really embarrassing for Changmin's laughter (she's a big fan) so she ran away to hide behind a car. kekekekeke
Before I going with my mother I looked at Changmin for the last time and shouted in English: "Changmin!! My mom thinks you're so handsome!" He smiled at me and raised his hand to greet me, I did the same, I greeted him, he said in English "You and and your mom are cute too" and quickly resumed their way because they had delayed a bit.

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