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27th Jul 2013 from TwitLonger

HEY EXITERS WHO LOVE IMAGINES!!! So people told me I should I should post imagines every week. So every Thursday at 3:pm PST (I will try to get this right every time :P) I will post a long BYE imagine. I hope you guys like this! :)

I was busy yesterday so I couldn't post it, so here's yesterday's imagine!

#Imagine going on a weekend camping trip with your best friends on your birthday. Your boyfriend, Riley couldn’t come to go camping because he was still on tour, so it was girl’s night. By the time you get to the camp ground its dusk and you’re all exhausted. You use your last ounces of energy to start a fire and eat s’mores. After you finish eating, you use water from the shallow river next to the campfire to rinse your hands and you shake your hands because you didn’t bring napkins.

You and your girls start singing around the campfire with a guitar, while one of your friends films everyone singing around the campfire. During the second song you hear another voice, not as high pitched, singing along with you. You make your friends stop singing and look around, but it’s completely dark and you can’t see anything. You continue singing with your friends figuring it was nothing, when you hear your friends sitting across from you scream their heads off. You turn around and scream loudly as you see a figure. You’ve been looking into the fire for so long that you still see the bright blob of orange.

As your vision clears you see Riley behind you, still singing the same song before your friends screamed. Your friends were laughing now, realizing it was only Riley surprising you. You get up from the ground and march up to Riley, pushing him into the shallow river next to the campground. He falls in laughing, and as you turn sharply on your heel in mock anger, you realize the leaves underneath your feet that are still slippery from shaking your hands. Your sharp turn makes you slip on the leaves and you fall into the river too. Riley catches you, but he loses balance and you both fall into the river.

Your best friends are just laughing and smiling at you two, as you splash each other, before realizing its freezing cold and you have no idea what’s in this river. You and Riley get out of the river and sit next to each other by the fire trying to dry off. It was no longer girls night, but neither you or your friends care anymore.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! Can you guys spread the word if you enjoyed this? :)

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