Ragan Fox · @RaganFox

26th Jul 2013 from TwitLonger

Visited a few #BB15 forums today & have already seen the handiwork of the PR team Aaryn's parents hired. Lots of accounts recently registered to fan communities saying stuff like, "I'm happy Aaryn won. Sure, she's said some racist things but it's just a game." Then other recently formed accounts cosign on the pro-Aaryn sentiments. Directly after her family hired the firm, she's also mysteriously risen in a number of BB rankings. Here's my issue with these shenanigans: The PR garbage makes it nearly impossible for Aaryn to exit the house and vocalize a sincere apology. Every move will be calculated & rehearsed. She could have come out of this experience and learned a lesson about her worldview. Now she'll walk out and learn that her family can buy her out of whatever hole she digs for herself. Don't believe the hype. Look and see when these "supporters" registered. Call them out.

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