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25th Jul 2013 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] "Free JYJ": Cheers from around the world as the Fair Trade Commission issues corrective action order.

JYJ's fans all around the world as the Fair Trade Commission (hereafter FTC) issued a corrective action order.

After the FTC issued a corrective action order stating "Do not obstruct JYJ's activities" to SM Entertainment yesterday, representatives from various industries expressed that this is a warning to the superpowers of the entertainment industry as fans welcomed the announcement. In particular, the investigation was launched by the FTC after fans of JYJ voluntarily organized a petition, and upon hearing that international fans participated substantially in the petition, the various representatives were shocked and surprised.

The FTC revealed, "The petition was filled with signature after signature from fans who wish to see JYJ stand on a fair stage just like other artists. It was a movement to express their right as consumers to see the singers they like on TV, and it was the same for international fans."

After articles about the FTC's corrective action order were released, a huge number of comments from internationals fans poured out on various domestic portal sites. A fan from Brazil stated, "Are they not afraid of the decision by a state department? Stop your obstruction and just let it go, SM." An Arabic fan stated, "Their activities were restricted for 4 years, rather, JYJ's popularity internationally has gone up. The more obstruction they face, the stronger we (fans) will become." A comment from a German fan stated, "I want to see JYJ on TV as soon as possible. Stop obstructing 3 talented artists and let them be free."

Agency CJES Entertainment stated, "The JYJ members were recording for a CF and were together last night. They were touched and felt happy thanks to the warm support from Korean and international fans. JYJ have taken their world tours to Asia, the Americas, and Europe and gained much popularity. For the positive development of the Hallyu Wave, we ask that the various broadcast stations listen to this corrective action order."

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130725n14205

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