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20th Jul 2013 from TwitLonger

[Fan Account] XIA 2nd Asia Tour Concert: Incredible in Bangkok

Date: July 20th, 2013
Venue: Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon
Time: 6.00-8.00 pm.

This will probably be more like a rant than a fan account because I'm too ecstatic to write anything legible at this point XD

The concert was soooooo awesome!! We didn't really know what to expect since this is the first stop of his Asia tour, but I always have high hopes... and Junsu never disappoints!

I love how each VTR tell a story relating to the next song he's sequeing into. The opening VTR alone was incredible. He was wearing that embroidered-suit (the same one he wore while singing Tarantellegra during his showcase in Seoul) and the scene setting was giving off a Gothic vibe. The VTR showed us drops of blood dripping into a goblet filled with red wine and when Junsu raised his hand and that drop of blood fell onto his palm instead - his right pupil turned into a vampire-like grayish-blue color and he evaporated into dust! I mean... How cool was that? Then the camera cut into Junsu in vampire mode sitting cross-legged on his throne and BAM!... giant gray devilish wings spread out from his back >___<

The second VTR of him being restless on the couch when he texted his girlfriend and she didn't answer... that one was cute too ^^ the screen was showing their convo on LINE. She finally answered and he said he wanted to tell her something and wanted to meet her. She asked him where he was. Junsu texted... "in front of your house" /cues camera pan to Junsu in suit, holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers and smiling adorably at the front door. Totally squee-worthy. This was, of course, the storyline for 'Confession'.

No reason was definitely the steamiest song in the concert (and the intro VTR was giving everyone nosebleeds). The vid showed him seductively sipping wine and sexily popping a cherry into his mouth while he was sitting across a pretty girl at a dining table. That girl eventually couldn't take it anymore - she got up, walked around the table and sat on his lap! Their hands were roaming over each other's bodies. She squeezed his biceps and I screamed lol They started closing in on a kiss... when their lips were about to touch, the vid suddenly faded into black. Intro to No Reason began and we saw Junsu being surrounded by female dancers wearing only white shirts and garter belts over black lingerie. One of them actually straddled Junsu and erotically gyrating her hips against his... you know *R-rated*, while he was lying on the couch, singing. I almost temporarily lost my hearing from the deafening screams of fangirls lol

The one I love the most is the one shown before 'Incredible'. The VTR was showing physical numbers relating to Junsu... how many hours he had been born (it's 289,679 hours or something), how many days he had spent trying to become a singer like he had dreamed, how many miles had he traveled around the world for his tour, how many hours he had spent practicing, how much money had been spent on food while he's at it (lol) and 60... is his weight right now after all the tiring rehearsals. 42 is the number of fanboys who had come today (the VTR zoomed in and jokingly showed that one fanboy among the audience was Jaejoong XD) and 1... is the number of song left before the end of this concert. We all went... "awww, noooo".

Genie time was adorable too! He was doing Gwiyomi per request and told the audience that they can close their eyes if they didn't want to watch him do this and that he was embarrassed because he saw a lot of elderly coming to today's concert (wae? Junsu lol). He was sooo shy about it. He tried the first couple of times and failed, ended up crouching down on stage and doing bubbly dolphin-like giggles! How cute can this man be?! TT TT He managed to do it while laughing uncontrollably. The 2nd and 3rd requests were for him to sing... and he did an acapella singing that had everyone listening on attentively in complete silence. It was breath-taking.

The choreography of his new songs was amazing! They were cute, catchy and probably can be picked up after you watch them dancing a few times. Fantasy was too cute! He was clapping over his head and pointing toward the audience along the line of singing 'Girls, Girls, Girls' >_< He was singing on the top of his lungs and was dancing like there's no tomorrow. He was everything I had expected and more.... I got great seat too. Saw him doing hip thrusts from 2-meter away and we even had a brief moment of eye contact during Confession. I almost stopped breathing. I don't even know how to describe his performances of each songs... they are just simply perfect.

I was grinning like an idiot the entire time I was on my ride home. It was truly INCREDIBLE just like he had promised :D

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